‘The Originals’: Everyone Loves Freya

Freya tells Elijah and Klaus her story.

Freya is quickly becoming a favorite Mikaelson.

Riley Voelkel didn’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con, but she was a big discussion topic on The Originals panel.

Executive producer Julie Plec brought in Riley last season to play the long lost sister, Freya, and executive producer Michael Narducci said, “Riley owned it.”

“She felt to me like a Mikaelson right from the beginning. Very, strong, very intense and 25% bat s–t insane and a very, very great addition to the family,” Michael added.

Julie said whenever you bring in another Mikaelson or another person into the cast, you wonder how it’s going to work and if they are going to fit in.

“What’s beautiful about Riley is that she’s just one of these great personalities, a wonderful spirit. She just kind of dropped right in and made herself at home,” Julie said.

She said she wished Riley could have joined them at Comic-Com, but she was at home in Atlanta with her mother.

Joseph Morgan (Klaus Mikaelson) said Riley clicked right from the beginning.

“When we first did a scene with her she walked right between Klaus and Elijah in the grave yard and kind of threatened us both, put us both in our places,” Joseph said.

Daniel Gillies (Elijah Mikaelson) joked that he wanted her off the set.

Joseph continued the joke: “I feel extremely threatened by this actress, but despite his protests we kept her.”

Joseph said we got to see a little emotional side of Freya when she told the story of her childhood with Dahlia.

“She rocked that as well, so I think at that point everyone was like, hey can she stay?” Joseph added.

“I think we should only talk about Freya,” Julie said.

Riley may not have been at the panel in person, but her spirit was definitely felt.

Michael told fans that last season Klaus was very calculated in his plan after he found out the struggles of a first born Mikaelson witch. Klaus didn’t want Dahlia to raise his daughter, but Freya was also a first born. So he took his aunt down and then made peace with his sister and invited her into his home.

Freya has wanted a family for a 1,000 years and now she’s coming into the compound while the brothers are estranged. Daniel said Freya is Switzerland at the moment.

Michael said that Freya really wants their to be peace and they will have to find a way to deal with each other.

Will Freya be able to referee her brothers and bring peace to her home?

Tune in Thursday, October 8, 9/8c on The CW to find out!


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