‘Scream’ Review: The Game is Just Getting Started

These three are going to spend years in therapy after finding their classmate's head.

These three are going to spend years in therapy after finding their classmate’s head.

I think the answer to the question of if a horror film can be turned into a TV show, is definitely yes!

The mystery is so exciting and there wasn’t even a murder this week, but I was so okay with that. Veronica Mars was definitely great at the detective work. Then Pretty Little Liars took it to the next level with A and now Scream is diving into the teens investigating too! I would like to say I would have done the same thing as a teen, but sadly I’m not so sure. That’s okay though, we can live vicariously through the stars on the screen.

Now that the police have finally realized that Tyler isn’t the killer, the real investigation can begin. I loved when Audrey said the killer could easily be a girl. I never just thought the killer was a guy, but she opens the doors to new possibilities and we definitely need more female villains.

My favorite part of the episode was when Noah found the killer’s staged lair. He really was like a kid at Disneyland and I loved his PLL reference. This also answered my question of why Brandon’s x-rays were on display. So the killer wanted Emma to go to the hospital after sending the yearbook and she played right into his or her hands. That’s find though, because it made for some great entertainment.

The killer must have also suspected that they would take the contents of Nina’s laptop and watch the video of Will and Emma having sex. Who exactly set it up the video to automatically upload? The killer or Nina? Audrey was outed on YouTube and now Emma’s first time is out there for everyone to see. Technology really makes growing up tough.

I was expecting to see something of the mayor on there, but I guess they didn’t get everything. I can’t believe Will and Jake are blackmailing the mayor and why were Nina and Tyler blackmailing people? Was it all for the money? What we’ve learned about Nina so far, I’m not really surprised. I’m not so sure about Tyler though. We know less about him.

I’m so glad that the writers didn’t kill Brooke off. I hated her, but losing Riley is really providing good character development for Brooke. I’m interested to see where the writers take the character. Well at least until they actually kill her off.

It looks like blogger Piper Shay will play a big role in the coming episodes. She was all ready to leave town, but Emma told her to stay because the case isn’t solved yet. Piper was so sneaky when she used Emma’s words to gain Emma’s trust. Now Emma is sharing some information with her. How close will Piper get to the killer?

There’s so many different people investigating these murders. Who will solve them first?

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