‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: Desperately Seeking ‘A’

Charles is coming home and he has a nice birthday surprise.

Charles is coming home and he has a nice birthday surprise.

We’ve been brought back around to Charles again and this time it’s clear he’s alive.

So why did Mrs. D lie to her husband and tell him that their son died? Plus on top of that lie, why did she say she had him cremated, then dug a grave for him? It’s no wonder Ali grew up to be the manipulative girl that she is, she learned it from her mother. So really we could blame everything on Mrs. D.

I never really thought Leslie was A, crazy, but not A. I was okay with believing Charles was A, but I still believe that A is a girl. I still find it hard to believe that a guy could be going all of this. For the most part A has seemed to have minions working for her/him, there could still be a number of them out there. I think the writers can tie everything back nicely to Charles though. The story so far gives him a reason to target Ali, but why did he target the other four liars? That’s still one thing they have to explain, if A is indeed Charles. Was Charles friends with Bethany and does he believe the liars killed her? We still don’t actually know who killed her, we just know Melissa buried her.

If we our tying everything up, does this mean Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end? We already know the show will be coming back for at least a seventh season and that A will be revealed before season seven, but should PLL not come to an end after the big reveal? That is the greatness about the show, the mystery. I can’t imagine the show going on for too much longer after A is finally revealed.

So is Charles really A? Or is this just another theory that doesn’t hold up?

What does Charles have planned for Mr. D? He’s already potentially killed his mother and now his father?

The other great thing about this show is the relationships. Caleb finally found a way of reaching Hanna. I was tired of seeing her push him away.

Things have been back and forth for Spencer and Toby for a while and last week I knew there was something going on between Dean and Spencer and he finally said it this week. Do we want to see a relationship between Dean and Spencer or do we just want Toby to come back? I’m torn.

As for Ezra and Aria, she could go back there if she wanted to. Him flirting with a girl that’s just passing through means nothing. He still clearly loves her. I love this couple. While at first I thought it was a crazy relationship because the teacher – student relationship is a little old now, this relationship grew into something great. At very least these two have to end up together.

For the moment Aria could spend some more time with Clarke. I would be okay with that.

Almost since the beginning of the season we’ve seen something blossoming between Sara and Emily. This week people finally started pointing it out to Em. She didn’t even realize it herself. I’m a little surprised that Sara made the first move. I don’t know whether to trust her or not. We don’t really know where Sara fits into everything. Spencer can just pass it off that Sara was just practice till A got the real Ali, but I think there’s more to it than that. When has anything been simple on PLL?

Only three more episodes until we get to meet A!

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