‘True Detective’ Review: Everything Comes Crashing Down

Everything just blew up in their faces.

Everything just blew up in their faces.

I knew the last scene was going to go horribly wrong. I could feel it, but I wasn’t prepared for just how bad the scene would unfold.

Ani is already on very thin ice. It could have something to do with the mayor of Vinci that she made mad or just for her poor choice in men. But either way she’s already suspended from her regular duties. Could this heist gone wrong have anything to do with taking her badge?

Either this pimp, Amarilla, carries a lot of artillery ready to run from the police or someone tipped him off.

As brustal as these guys were, killing the civilians that got in their way, I can’t imagine them actually killing Caspere in the manner the victim was found. Also as Frank said, what did this guy have to do with Stan?

There’s so many angles on this investigation that no one can actually do their job. Ani’s trying to. She’s hunting down her leads and getting in a lot of hot water for just doing her job.

I love Rachel McAdams in this role. I love her to begin with. But this week we got to delve deeper into Ani Bezzerides and she’s not as tough as she seems. When a witness was answering questions and confessed that her mother killed herself, that brought a lot of memories back for Ani.

Then having a formal complaint for sexual misconduct really shed some light on her character too. That deputy is an idiot, but Ani may have led him on too. She even slept with her partner once too. She can’t get close to anyone and she’s constantly pushing them away. Her partner tried to console her, but she pushed him away again.

But now it’s also revealed that she has gambling debts. So there really isn’t one squeaky clean cop on this show. I thought Ani was tough and a little bit more of a straight and narrow cop, but she has secrets too. Which is probably a good thing, a good cop is boring, especially in the landscape True Detective has created. I’m very interested to find out the fall out she’s going to have after the operation went so badly.

We were learning more about Paul this week and any conclusions we came to last week were confirmed. He did have a sexual encounter with his old army buddy and he just had another one, but he can’t remember it. He got so drunk he can’t remember his night and his bike ended up getting stolen because of it.

He confessed to Ray that he doesn’t know how to live in this world. He’s clearly still dealing from his time at war, but also spending a lot of time denying who his is. His ex-girlfriend gave him the perfect opportunity to continue to lie to himself. She’s pregnant, so he pops the questions. Now he doesn’t have to deal with who is. He’s in a bad place as it is, he’s not ready to start a family right now. This won’t end well, but is any storyline on season two going to end well?

Frank is back to his old ways and taking out his frustration on his wife. He’s going down a very bad path trying to dig himself out from the hole he’s in.

He’s desperately trying to get his money back, whether that’s going back to his old ways, or finding out who killed Caspere.

The Caspere case is closed, but Ani doesn’t think the murder is solved:

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