‘Scream’ Review: A Formula for TV Horror is Starting to Take Shape

What's your favorite TV show isn't quite as scary as what's your favorite horror movie, but dropping How To Get Away with Murder was a nice touch.

What’s your favorite TV show isn’t quite as scary as what’s your favorite horror movie, but dropping How To Get Away with Murder was a nice touch.

In the second episode we saw more throw backs to the original films. First with a bathroom scene with a girl saying ‘so tragic’ when Emma walked in. Of course the original one was much longer, but same concept. Then Emma got a phone call from the killer again. This time he was asking her about what TV shows she likes, just like the killer asked Casey what horror films she liked.

Emma likes the tough shows like Game of Thrones and Scandal, but the killer suggested How to Get Away with Murder. How fitting. Once again the killer made a slip of the tongue. He said look instead of sound, but Emma didn’t catch on as quickly as Casey did. It wasn’t until he said she should be asking if you locked me in or out that she knew it wasn’t from the security company. She better change her security code, because she just gave the killer it. Though I don’t think she thinks this is the killer, but she might now.

Will Emma learn what her mother had to with Brandon James now? The killer told Emma it all started with her mother, so now she should start asking questions. Sidney couldn’t ask her mom any questions, but Emma can.

We also know this does connect with Brandon James, but how? Most of these kids weren’t even alive back when the murder happened, unless it has something to do with their parents. Maybe Brandon James had nothing to do with it at all. In the film everyone thought Cotton killed Maureen, but it was Stu, Billy and Sidney’s brother, Roman.

I’m starting to see a pattern form and I’m wondering if each episode will be constructed in the same way. The episodes are starting with a murder and ending with a phone call. Though as the season progresses I think they might need to change that up a bit, we can’t get scared if we know when the murder is coming.

This death was more about character development for Audrey and Emma than the death itself. Emma blames herself completely. She’s having a hard time dealing with Rachel’s death. What will she think when her mother reveals the death to be a murder?

I think Audrey should be a little more upset that her girlfriend just died. Unless she’s one of those people that takes a while to break. I’m guessing the writers don’t want her off our radar yet.

Noah is not as innocent as he acts, except when it comes to the ladies. He played really innocent when Jake attacked him and accused him of tagging his car. Noah did to the crime, which is not what you would have thought by his innocent act.

With Riley though, Noah has no game, but he still managed to get a kiss. Could he be playing then too though? I don’t want Noah to be the killer, but I can’t rule him out just yet. Besides the film geek in the second film was one of the killers, so you never know. But this is supposed to be Randy, so he should be a victim, not the killer.

Who do you think is next on the killer’s list?

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