‘PLL’: All the Fashion from Season 6 Episode 5

PLL fashion

Hanna: Pineapple print full cotton skirt by MSGM, classic saddle flap crossbody bag by cooperative at Urban Outfitters. Spencer: Oversized stripe shirt by Topshop with a reflected buckle belt from Anthropologie and Jodhpur knee-high boots by Cole Haan.

My favorite look from Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars was Hanna’s pineapple print full cotton skirt and black blazer. What I loved about this look was that yellow chunky ball necklace with a faux diamond. Usually I’m not a big fan of printed fruit, but I just love that necklace and the shape of that skirt. I think Hanna looks great in skirts and dresses! That’s all she should ever wear.

If you love this outfit too, you can by the skirt at Lane Carwford. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find were to buy the necklace, if you find it please let me know!

Aria is another liar that looks great in dresses. She wore a rainbow stripe knit dress by Karen Millen. I like this dress because of the multiple colors, but they’re not super bright. It’s a dress that could be worn all year round.

Spencer has a thing for belts. She loves to dress up her looks with a nice belt. This week she wore an oversized stripe shirt by Topshop with a reflected buckle belt from Anthropologie and Jodhpur knee-high boots by Cole Haan. This look has been so popular the shirt sold out at Nordstorm, the belt from Anthropologie and the shoes from Amazon.

How the liars can continue to dress great week after week while stressing out I will never no! Of course it all comes down to the costume designers, but still! If I was still traumatized by being kidnapped by A and still looking over my shoulder, I wouldn’t be able to wear great clothes every day.

Sometimes it’s nice when Spencer dresses down, because it feels more realistic. Like when she was popping pills to stay awake, she wasn’t so put together then.

Ali had a very casual look this week, but it looked really nice. She wore Drop Shop underlay top by Bailey 44 that can be purchased at Nordstrom. It’s cute because of the underlay. It adds a nice element to the look, but looks very comfortable. The necklace she wore was very cute too.

What was your favorite look this week?

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