‘Scream’: Who is Ghost Face?

And so the blood bath begins.

And so the blood bath begins.

We’re only one episode in so it’s hard to say who the killer is so far, but there’s a lot of people who look suspicious.

I’m hoping that the writers don’t just make the boyfriend the killer again, that’s too easy. So it can’t be Will, but he didn’t make himself look innocent in the pilot episode either.

Him and Jake were filming the victim, Nina, the night she was murdered. That doesn’t paint a pretty picture for these two, since it seems like the killer was also filming her. It’s way too easy to blame them right now, but we will have to keep an eye on them. Will did threaten Brooke about getting in between him and Emma again.

Once again suspicion his landing on the Sidney character’s father. Emma’s father, Kevin, is MIA and was stabbed by Brandon James. Emma’s mom, Maggie, believes this has something to do with Brandon because she got an animal heart sent to her addressed to her nickname, Daisy. Which is the name Brandon used when writing her letters and creating her carvings. Kevin has psychological scars from what happened to him so it’s not too far fetched to think he could be behind the recent murders, but why Nina and Tyler? What reason would he have to kill them? So he’s probably not the one.

The police haven’t found Tyler’s body yet, so they are assuming it’s Tyler, but he’s already dead, right? That was his head in the hot tub?

Audrey has a picture of Brandon James on her wall. She’s a film geek living in a town with a dark history, so it could be research for a film, but it is intriguing. She would have a motive to kill Nina because Nina was the one that posted the video of Audrey and a girl making out. We’d have to see who the next victim was to see if there was a pattern.

Even the Randy character looked like he could be guilty in the first episode. Noah had a streak of blood across his forehead at the end. What could that mean? I don’t want the killer to be him because he’s just so supposed to be our tour guide. He’s the guy that tells us the rules of a horror film and the one that we root for to get the girl. Though it looks like Noah is having better luck getting the girl this time, but it doesn’t appear he has a crush on the Sidney character this time around.

Or is Brandon James still alive and he’s come back?

After just one episode, what’s your best guess at who the killer is?


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