‘True Detective’ Review: The Night Swallows You Whole

An unlikely team with three different agendas.

An unlikely team with three different agendas.

I am a big fan of Vince Vaughn, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him better than in True Detective. His opening monolog for the second episode was incredible. You had no idea what he was rattling on about, until he got to his scars. Each of these characters have scars and now we know Frank’s.

He seems like a pretty well together put man for what he’s been through and as his wife said, how many more of these stories does he have?

I can’t imagine being locked in basement for several days at six years old having to fend off rats. No wonder he can hold his own in a corrupt society.

Frank was about to make the deal of a lifetime and make a ton of money, but with Caspere’s death, also went his money. Caspere had Frank’s entire life’s savings when he died and now the money is missing. This leaves Frank in a very bad position. He doesn’t have the money for his kick backs and he doesn’t have the money to join the table for the deal anymore either. He’s left in a very desperate state and he expects Ray to climb him out of it.

Ray’s so far gone he can’t climb out of his hole that he’s dug for himself. His ex-wife can’t figure out when it all went bad, but I think I can point to when he started working for Frank. Plus I’m sure killing the guy that raped his wife had something to do with his dark path. Ray wants to better himself, but it’s way too late now.

Ray once again did as he was told and now he’s laying, bleeding out, on the victim’s secret home. I had a bad feeling when he walked into that house alone. I was waiting for someone to hit him on the head with something, not shoot him. Maybe he was wearing a vest and he’ll be fine. I mean why promo Colin Farrell if he’s only going to be in two episodes. If he was a smart cop he would have called Ani before going in.

But Ani and Ray have different agendas while solving this case. Ani is told Ray is a dirty cop and she has to turn him. Ray is trying to make sure not too much of the truth comes out.

Ray surprised me though. He told Ani a lot with out really telling her what was going on. He asked her about why there isn’t a real task force put in place for this investigation and that he doesn’t think it’s suppose to work out. When she asked him how compromised he was, his silence really gave her his answer. Is he turning his back on his people and actually trying to solve the case? Or at least be honest to Ani about what his role in all of this is.

The preview for next week doesn’t show any Colin, so is he dead?


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