‘The Whispers’ Review: On a Collision Course

Henry got his hearing back, now he wants his father back, what will he have to do in return?

Henry got his hearing back, now he wants his father back, what will he have to do in return?

We might have more of an idea of what Drill’s plan is, or at least part of his plan.

It seemed that Drill was picking very well placed children with parents in particular positions, but that only seems part of it. I said last week about how the parents have personal problems that they are dealing with, but that seems to make them prime targets for Drill to prey on.

Henry was begging Drill to find his father at the end and said he would do anything, so Drill answered. Though we don’t know what his mission will be.

Harper had a similar situation. She did what Drill told her, so she could get her mother back, though Drill made Harper put her mother in that state. She sent a text message on her father’s phone and then threw it in the biohazard bin.

It was unclear where Harper’s parents fit into this whole thing, but Wes figured it out.

He said to find out where someone is going, you have to find out where they’ve been. So he started with the explosion at Westing Industrial. The video proved that David Miller was a target, but why? He was trying to send an email to the Head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Harper’s father, Harrison. The email never got to Harrison tough. Wes’ agents couldn’t decrypt the email, but they could get the attachment, a picture of damaged cooling pipes. Only they didn’t know what it was at the time. Apparently the tech was going to report it to Harrison, but then Jackson Bellings detonated a bomb in his building. Harrison’s annual safety inspection was cut short because his wife was in an accident.

So finally things are tying together. When Claire and Wes shared their information, they discovered another connection, Minx was talking to Drill too.

They were able to find out which Nuclear Power Plant Sean was headed to.

That can’t be Drill’s whole plan though, since we’ve discovered it in the third episode. This must be the start of the plan. And Drill is continuing to add to his children army. He even got another kid to hurt the therapist that told Minx that Drill wasn’t real.

I want to know more about what happened to Sean. He left right after he found out about Claire’s affair. He volunteered for the mission and just left. Wes heard the recording of when he crashed, but what happened to him in the crash? He can communicate with Drill too and it appeared before that only children could communicate with him. He doesn’t remember who he is, but there is something driving him forward to complete Drill’s mission. He just seems to know where he’s supposed to be. What happened to him in that crash?

This enemy is going to be hard to defeat. The children are right in the middle of all the chaos. Take a look at the promo for next week:

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