Jason George Promoted to Series Regular on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Once upon a time Jackson didn't think the Plastics posse was cool either.

Please bring back the Plastics Posse!

If you are a fan of Ben and Bailey on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, you’ll be very happy to hear that Jason George has been promoted to series regular. We’ll be seeing a lot more of Ben next season. And just in time too. Bailey is going to need her man when she’s trying to be the next Chief of Surgery.

Entertainment Weekly reported the news and Jason also shared the news on Twitter.

Ben has been reoccurring on ‘Grey’s’ since season 6. He started as an anesthesiologist. He dated Bailey, married her in a very ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ way, with the wedding being interrupted by tragedy. Then he moved to California for a residency program and then came back for Bailey!

He’s definitely one of the hot doctors on the show and we can use all the hot males we can with the loss of McDreamy, but is he worthy enough of a nickname like that? I think he is. McDreamy and McSteamy shouldn’t be the only ones on the show, especially when they are both gone now.

I’ve really enjoyed Jason’s scenes with Jesse Williams (Dr. Jackson Avery). Jackson really wants to get the Plastics Posse started again and I really hope Ben joins! Come on Ben, Jackson and Mark were a great team and you two could be too!

What kind of storyline do you think Ben will get? I love him and Bailey, but I want to see him grow as a surgeon too!


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