‘Supergirl’ Leaks to Piracy Sites

‘Supergirl’ hasn’t even aired yet and it’s already a big hit. At least in the piracy world.

The pilot episode appeared shortly before 3 a.m. ET Friday in up to 1080p HD format without any evident watermarks, Variety reported. As of Friday afternoon the show had been downloaded 192,000 times. The U.S., U.K. and Australia are the most active countries for this pirate activity.

According of Variety, the show isn’t even set to premiere till November.

Variety noted that it’s rare for a pilot to leak out onto piracy sites this early. The website said it could damper ratings or create a buzz around the premiere. Networks are known for releasing pilots in advance for marketing purposes, but never this far in advance.

CBS declined to comment to Variety, so either they wanted the buzz or they are scrambling to figure out what to do next.

It’s hard to know what these networks can do to compete with this piracy. HBO made it’s service more affordable and readily available to customers and still ‘Game of Thrones’ piracy has skyrocketed even more. I’m sure that’s not what the network was hoping for when it made itself available to more customers.

Will you access the ‘Supergirl’ pilot like thousands of others have done on line or will you wait till the proper premiere date?


‘Chicago PD’ Review: Erin’s Downward Spirial Continues

And she continues to fall.

And she continues to fall.

Season two has been one wild ride, but it goes out on a very personal note. Erin gives her badge to Voight.

We’ve always known Erin’s mother was bad news. The more we get to know her the more that we see it. Now when Erin is at her lowest point, Bunny sinks her teeth into her and takes her away from everything good in her life. So her mom wants her to get drunk in the morning and hang out with druggies? Sounds like a great mom.

But why does Bunny want so little for her daughter? Erin pulled herself out from being on the wrong path and became a cop. She’s done really well. Nadia would not be happy to see what’s become of her friend and mentor.

We can’t blame Nadia’s death for her downward spiral, we can blame her mother.

I’m actually not surprised of how far Erin has fallen. I knew that nothing good could come from her talking to her mother again. All her mother was doing was supplying her with alcohol. That’s no way to mourn someone. Sure her team went to the bar to toast to Nadia, but that’s different from getting blind drunk and waking up extremely hung over.

Jay tried to talk to Erin, but he has to try more. I hope next season Voight asks Jay for help. If Voight can’t get through to Erin, Jay may be the only one who can.

Intelligence’s cases are never black and white, especially when they get tipped off. It seemed like they were just dealing with some dirty cops who were ripping off drug dealers, but it went much deeper than that. They believed they had a lot more power and were willing to kill to keep it.

It was sad that Commander Perry got killed. He made it to retirement and then only a matter of months latter he got gunned down and his nephew led to his death. Perry wasn’t the target though, Carter, his nephew was.

The team ran down Perry’s killer. A guy named Drug Store that ran with the Latin Kings. It wasn’t as simple as Carter thought. Carter wasn’t as innocent as he claimed to be. He did take from the cookie jar once and it was a place the Latin Kings did business at. So of course he assumed that was the reason he was a target. But the sergeant of the bad cops, Roland, put the hit on him.

So they thought that was case closed, but Roland was taking care of Erin himself, well his people were. This had all of Intelligence on high alert. Luckily Atwater and Roman were near Erin’s place and were able to save the day. Atwater barged in and didn’t think twice about shooting. He wasn’t going to let one of his own be killed.

I thought for sure Voight was going to kill Roland. Roland not only went after one of his own, he went after Erin. She’s like a daughter to him and you don’t mess with Erin. But Voight let him live. He made him turn himself in and took some of his money in the process.

That money is going to good use though. Antonio can now buy the boxing gym he wants and save a lot of kids. He was trying to get the whole team involved, but none of them had the capital. Antonio being Antonio, seems very unsure about the money. I don’t blame him.

Intelligence is such a mixture of straight arrow cops and border line dirty cops.

An indiscretion of Olinsky’s has come back to haunt him. He had an affair with a woman while undercover and it turns out he has another daughter. He just got his family back, will this derail it all?

Burgess might not have to wait too long to get back up to Intelligence. With Erin out, that means she’s back in. I basically saw this was coming. I hoped that Erin would push through, but it seemed like the story was heading in that direction.

Burgess and fans also got a nice surprise at the end. Ruzek purposed! We may be waiting a long time for Erin and Jay, but at least Ruzek and Burgess may get a happy ending. Can they be engaged and work in Intelligence at the same time? That should be interesting.

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‘Supernatural’ Review: Does Anyone Survive?

Once again a Winchester was stopping at nothing to save his loved one.

Once again a Winchester was stopping at nothing to save his loved one.

Ten seasons and this was the craziest season finale of ‘Supernatural’ yet.

I am so thankful the CW renewed the show for another season, because I could not live without knowing if any of the characters survive! Who knows what that darkness did to Sam and Dean when it hit them and Cass is in the process of killing Crowley! This is just all bad! All the main characters left are in peril and now we have to wait all summer to find out their fate. This is the reason, I hate summer.

Sam is always going to save his brother no matter what. He goes to some pretty serious lengths to protect his brother. I was waiting to see how far he would go this week and he almost gave up his life to save Dean.

That really surprised me. Even in Dean’s darkness moments, I would never have guessed Dean would give up Sam’s life. Fortunately, it was all just a trick to kill Death. But why kill Death? What good did that do? I’m a little confused about why he killed Death. The visit from Death did teach us what would happen if Sam succeeded in removing the Mark, the Darkness would be released. To be fair Sam didn’t know that would happen and the spell was already in motion, so Sam couldn’t have stopped it. He did tell Cass to do the spell no matter what.

Could Rowena have gotten out of those chains the whole time or did the spell supercharge her magic? She’s been alive a long time, so I knew she was powerful, but I never expected her to be this powerful. We have two evils to worry about next season, Rowena and the Darkness.

I’ve always been the person who likes later seasons in series. I like when we know the characters and the writers can really have fun with them, like Cass and Crowley working together. You don’t see this much. I love these two guys. They have such great one liners and they are such fun characters. They are two characters I want to see until the end of the series. So the writers better not be writing either of them off the show.

Dean has been getting worse with each episode, but this week he hit rock bottom. He was so insensitive with people he was questioning, with the police and even just stood their and let a fellow hunter die. The Mark had taken hold. He then trashed his motel room. Things were not looking good. He wanted to die, unfortunately, but fortunately for us, he can’t be killed. I really thought he reached rock bottom when he was willing to let his brother die. I just couldn’t believe Dean would do that. It was just a cruel little joke the writers were playing on us.

But now what? The Mark is gone and the consequences seem severe. It seems like they basically released hell on earth. The Winchesters are no strangers to cleaning up their messes.

Even know these boys mess up a lot, they are not evil. Their work has twisted their souls for sure. I don’t think either of them will live happily ever after. I have no idea what the end game is. There may have been numerous end games over the last ten years, but the story keeps progressing.

All I have to say to the writers is, DON’T KILL OFF CASS AND CROWLEY! I know Sam an Dean are the show, but these two are great assets to the show too!

I’m nervous, but excited to see what happens to Sam and Dean. Obviously the writers can’t kill the Winchesters off, there would be no show. So I’m just going to keep pretending our boys our fine to get me through the long summer.

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Bradley Cooper’s ‘Limitless’ is Coming to CBS and it Looks Exciting

‘Limitless’ wasn’t a huge success at the box office and not everyone knows the film just by the name, but I loved the film. It helped that Bradley Copper was the star. It was exciting and for part of the movie you wished you could have the miracle drug that made you learn and remember everything. What college student wouldn’t want that? In fact, I think most people in general would love that ability.

Now CBS is brining the film to the small screen for a series and I’m very excited, even if Bradley won’t be the star. They sure know how to draw you into the preview though. The trailer starts and ends with Bradley. He does have a recurring role, so we will get to see some of him.

This time Jake McDorman will be the leading man. He plays Brian Sinclair. Bradley’s character Eddie Morra, gives Brian the drug NZT48 and promises he will kill him if he speaks about the drug to anyone. 

Most of the trailer consists of showing what the drug does, the knowledge you can obtain by taking it. But then we get to the depths of what this story will be. The police want to take down whoever is creating the drug. People are getting killed for their NZT48. There’s no mention of what happens when you stop taking the drug. If you’ve seen the film you know, but that doesn’t say the show will stick to that story.

Rebecca (Jennifer Carpenter) wants to use Brain to hunt the people down, he’s a resource. So there appears to be a crime fighting twist to the show. 

I don’t know how far they can stretch the story of the film, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

The film was great and I tell people all the time that they should see it. I love Bradley, so he may have had some sway in my opinion of the film. But the film is so exciting. It’s action packed and fight to your death kind of excitement. There looks to be a lot of action in the preview for the show too.

Bradley is also an executive producer on the show, so there’s sure to be some of his influence throughout. EPs have a lot of influence on the stories we watch, so I’m exited to see Bradley tackle a TV show.

The Full ‘Scream Queens’ Trailer is Here!

Get ready to be even more excited for ‘Scream Queens’! The full trailer is here and it looks like we’re in for a lot of screams and a lot of fun.

We’ve seen some creepy teaser trailers, but now we know what’s coming. Twenty years ago there was a brutal murder at the Kappa House and now someone is out for revenge.

If you are not a fan of sororities, you’re going to have so much fun with this one! Dean Cathy Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) decides Kappa will allow anyone to pledge. Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) is not happy. In the trailer she said, “What fresh hell is this?” She won’t give up the house’s prestigious reputation so quickly though, she decides to make the hazing even more difficult. 

There’s a scene in the trailer where the girls are planted like trees and then one of them gets mowed over!

Skyler Samuels plays Grace and she wants to pledge for Kappa because her mother was a Kappa. But Pete Diller (Diego Boneta) thinks there’s something dangerous about the house. He doesn’t know how right he is! 

All the pledges have one sure way into the sorority. Channel tells them that if they die protecting a sister, they can skip hell week. How nice of her. At least these girls can be a member in spirit.

If murder and laughs aren’t enough fun, there’s so many stars that appear in the trailer: Lea Michele, Niecy Nash, Abigail Breslin, Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande and for those of you who watch ‘Nashville’, Oliver Hudson. 

Are you excited yet? We just have to get through the summer now. ‘Scream Queens’ premieres in the fall on FOX.

Morena Baccarin Series Regular for Season 2 of ‘Gotham’

slayerangel79 | photobucket.com

slayerangel79 | photobucket.com

If you’ve been enjoying Gordon’s new girlfriend on ‘Gotham’, you’ll be pleased to know you’ll be seeing her a lot more of her in season two.

TVLine reported that Morena Baccarin (Dr. Leslie Thompkins) has been promoted to a series regular.

Morena is no stranger to comic book features. According to ScreenRant, she voiced the AI Gideon in ‘The Flash’ and she’s starring in the lead role of ‘Deadpool’ next year. Lucky for us, her other super hero gigs won’t affect her ‘Gotham’ job.

I really liked Lee. She’s strong and won’t let Gordon not pursue a bad guy just for her. She’s not afraid of becoming a target and is committed to Gordon and his mission to clean up Gotham.

I was afraid that this relationship wouldn’t last, but I’m very happy the writers are continuing to write a part for her. We lost Jada Pinkett Smith in the season finale, though she can always return. It’s nice to have a another strong female character, even if this one is playing for the good side. Strong is strong. It doesn’t matter whether the female character is good or bad, we still need more of them. Especially in the comic book world.

‘The Following’ Review: Ryan Makes a Great Sacrifice

How could Ryan just walk away from everyone he loves? That must have took a lot of strength.

How could Ryan just walk away from everyone he loves? That must have took a lot of strength.

That was one crazy finale. Just two hours of being on the edge of your seat.

I was surprised that Theo went after Gina. I thought for sure the clear target would be Max. That would be the person Ryan loves as much as Theo loved his sister. I was happy that he went after Gina. That meant we got to see Gina again and she didn’t disappoint. She was so tough. Theo was threatening her family and she stayed strong throughout. Even through everything she was able to protect them. It was nerve wrecking watching, but she was incredible.

Did they really think two agents were going to protect Gina and her family? That was a disaster waiting to happen. They needed multiple agents to really protect them. They keep underestimating Theo.

Things started to take some turns from there. When Gwen was leaving a message for Ryan and letting him hear their child’s heartbeat, I knew something bad was coming, but I could never have predicted how bad it could go. It was an ominous, but beautifully done scene. You just knew Ryan wasn’t going to get to see his kid grow up. It was heartbreaking to watch.

First Theo takes Ryan and then Liza comes back into the mix. Though Liza put her fate into her own hands. Ryan didn’t know anything about her and didn’t even think twice about her. If she had stayed out of it, Ryan wouldn’t be hunting them down.

There was a mole in the F.B.I. all along, Lisa. Another person Ryan was close to. She’s working with Liza’s group and it sounds like the depth of the organization goes deep. What did Ryan learn from her? We may never actually find out.

I’m torn, part of me liked this ending as a series ending and the other part of me wants to know more about this corrupt organization. It seems fitting that Ryan would leave his family to protect them. Max has Mike, and Gwen has them. If Mike didn’t pull through, would he have made the same decision? Luckily Mike did pull through. I would have been very mad at the writers if they killed him off.

Ryan told Gwen he was leaving the F.B.I., but he never could let go. There was always going to be a new bad guy. He needs to hunt them and his family is always going to be in danger. Even when Liza thinks he’s dead, they are still ready to move in on his people. They don’t even know anything.

Theo took one last final stand before he went out. He was going to raise Ryan’s child to be a psychopath. This was a fate worse than death. It was more personal than any of his target’s have gotten before. This flipped a switch in Ryan’s brain. He doesn’t believe his family will ever be safe with him. But it also made him take a life of a F.B.I agent. He’s completely rogue now and I believe he can take this huge organization. When you’re dead, you can do anything you want. Part of me wants to see this happen, but I don’t think any of the other characters will be around to see it. This may be the end of the road for Mike, Max and Gwen, even if another network picked up the show.

Do we want to see Ryan’s new journey? I think I would like to see it in a movie format, but I don’t know if I want to see it in a full season or more. I like Max and Mike and I would want them to be in on the journey too. If this is the end, I’m very happy that Mike and Max ended up together. I always wanted this.

I like that Ryan is sacrificing himself for his family. You can see it hurts him to leave them behind, but he can’t have any more of them die. Max will hurt, but she’ll be alive. At least that’s what I think Ryan is thinking. The same goes with Gwen. He could just get out, but Liza would continue to come after him and you see how well that worked out for Gina.

If this is how ‘The Following’ ends, I like the ending. It’s very fitting to Ryan’s whole journey. We will have to wait and see if we see his next chapter.

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‘Penny Dreadful’ Review: Little Scorpion

Vanessa was Joan Clayton's Little Scorpion.

Vanessa was Joan Clayton’s Little Scorpion.

Vanessa has a very interesting past. We got to learn a little bit more about it along with Chandler.

I was wondering what that blood scorpion on the floor meant and this week we found out.

Before she came to London she went to a witch known as The Cut-Wife of Ballentree Moor. She got this name because she gives girls abortions. She is also a witch and sister of  Madame Kali, but she’s the good witch. Her real name is Joan Clayton.

Vanessa has known these witches are after her a long time, it just took time for them to find her again.

Vanessa has been an impressive woman since we met her in season one, but she learned all of this from Joan. And I knew she was gifted, but I didn’t know she was a witch or day walker as Joan called her, and a powerful one at that. The explains a few things.

It sounds like it’s very easy for her to turn evil. I’m guessing the devil wants her because she’s very powerful and the evil are all about their power.

I enjoyed this episode because we not only learned more about Vanessa, we learned more about her enemy, Kali. We learned early on that Kali branded her own sister, but she went to great lengths to kill her sister when she was already dying.

Kali was presumably married to the lord of the town and she turned him and everyone else against her sister. No one actually knew this was her sister though. Kali is young and beautiful, while Joan has aged.

Joan had a very cruel and brutal death. She was first beaten, then tarred and then burned. The young girl she helped was the one that set the fire. All Vanessa could do was watch. Then Vanessa was branded with a cross.

It had all the creepiness of a ‘Penny Dreadful’ episode, but it also felt very personal. Vanessa is in a lot of danger. It feels scarier than season one. These witches will stop at nothing to get to her, but is she in danger of turning evil herself? Will she use the dark book of spells to protect herself and turn on her god forever?

I’m very happy we got Vanessa’s backstory about the witches, but I also want one of these episodes for Chandler. A whole episode devoted to how he became a wolf would be very nice.

Everyone is back next week and so are the night comers. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Wayward Pines’ Review: This is No Paradise

@WP_S1_Vert_KeyArt_R3‘Wayward Pines’ has an erie first episode, leaving you with a lot of questions.

Matt Dillon plays Ethan Burke, a Secret Service agent in search for missing agents. The opening scene shows him waking up in the middle of nowhere with cuts all over his body. He stumbles into town only to collapse in a cafe. The next thing he knows is that he’s in the hospital. He doesn’t have his wallet or phone. He wants to call his wife, but he’s told his emergency contacts were already contacted by the police and the police have his belongings.

He then leaves the hospital, against the nurse’s orders, and heads to the Sheriff’s department, which is closed. He walks into a bar to find Beverly, played by Juliette Lewis. Juliette is certainly getting around. She just starred in ‘Secret and Lies’ on ABC. She plays a particular interesting character on ‘Wayward Pines’. At first glance she seems like just another nice civilian, but she’s so much more. Beverly lets Ethan eat for free, since he doesn’t have his wallet. She also gives him an address to look her up with, if he needs anything. The back of the receipt with the address has a very strange message: “There are no crickets in Wayward Pines.” But apparently there are sound boxes that give off cricket noises. Beverly is the only nice person Ethan will meet. The clerk at the hotel is not so understanding. He forces Ethan to vacate the room, since he can’t pay and it’s past check-out time.

This leads him to go to the address Beverly gave him. He doesn’t find Beverly, but he does find one of the agents he’s looking for, Agent Evens. But Evens is dead. The house is also falling apart from what looks to be because of a fire. Beverly clearly doesn’t live there.

Ethan finally makes it to the Sheriff’s office when they are open, but they don’t have Ethan’s things. He once again calls his wife, but his wife isn’t getting any of his messages. He sends the Sheriff to see the body as well.

He tries calling the Secret Service office, but the new woman is not very helpful.

Things just continue to get stranger and stranger. He tries to find Beverly, but the guy in the bar claims she doesn’t work there and knocks him out. He says on the walkie that number 101628 isn’t doing well. He then wakes up back in the hospital and they claim he has a brain bleed and he’s hallucinating. The nurse gives him a sedative to calm him down. Just as he’s going to go into surgery, Beverly shows up again to get him out of the hospital.

Here’s where things get really confusing. Beverly thinks the year is 2010 and she’s been in Wayward Pines a year. Ethan also runs into another agent he’s looking for, Kate, who he also had an affair with. She claims she’s been there for 12 years and she’s aged. Ethan saw her just five weeks ago. How can two people in the same city, have two different senses of time?

He has experienced hallucinations in the past and he even asks Kate if he’s having a relapse, she shakes her head.

Ethan desperately tries to leave, but ends up driving in a circle. Then he tries to walk out through the woods and finds he’s barricaded in.

What’s even stranger is his boss appears to have put him there and removed all evidence of him being in the car crash that put him there. Why? What kind of experiment is this? Are we in some sort of twilight zone? If time moved the same way, I would just assume it was some kind of social experiment, but it’s clearly more than that.

Can Ethan find a way out of Wayward Pines? We’ll have to watch to find out: