‘Supernatural’ Review: Does Anyone Survive?

Once again a Winchester was stopping at nothing to save his loved one.

Once again a Winchester was stopping at nothing to save his loved one.

Ten seasons and this was the craziest season finale of ‘Supernatural’ yet.

I am so thankful the CW renewed the show for another season, because I could not live without knowing if any of the characters survive! Who knows what that darkness did to Sam and Dean when it hit them and Cass is in the process of killing Crowley! This is just all bad! All the main characters left are in peril and now we have to wait all summer to find out their fate. This is the reason, I hate summer.

Sam is always going to save his brother no matter what. He goes to some pretty serious lengths to protect his brother. I was waiting to see how far he would go this week and he almost gave up his life to save Dean.

That really surprised me. Even in Dean’s darkness moments, I would never have guessed Dean would give up Sam’s life. Fortunately, it was all just a trick to kill Death. But why kill Death? What good did that do? I’m a little confused about why he killed Death. The visit from Death did teach us what would happen if Sam succeeded in removing the Mark, the Darkness would be released. To be fair Sam didn’t know that would happen and the spell was already in motion, so Sam couldn’t have stopped it. He did tell Cass to do the spell no matter what.

Could Rowena have gotten out of those chains the whole time or did the spell supercharge her magic? She’s been alive a long time, so I knew she was powerful, but I never expected her to be this powerful. We have two evils to worry about next season, Rowena and the Darkness.

I’ve always been the person who likes later seasons in series. I like when we know the characters and the writers can really have fun with them, like Cass and Crowley working together. You don’t see this much. I love these two guys. They have such great one liners and they are such fun characters. They are two characters I want to see until the end of the series. So the writers better not be writing either of them off the show.

Dean has been getting worse with each episode, but this week he hit rock bottom. He was so insensitive with people he was questioning, with the police and even just stood their and let a fellow hunter die. The Mark had taken hold. He then trashed his motel room. Things were not looking good. He wanted to die, unfortunately, but fortunately for us, he can’t be killed. I really thought he reached rock bottom when he was willing to let his brother die. I just couldn’t believe Dean would do that. It was just a cruel little joke the writers were playing on us.

But now what? The Mark is gone and the consequences seem severe. It seems like they basically released hell on earth. The Winchesters are no strangers to cleaning up their messes.

Even know these boys mess up a lot, they are not evil. Their work has twisted their souls for sure. I don’t think either of them will live happily ever after. I have no idea what the end game is. There may have been numerous end games over the last ten years, but the story keeps progressing.

All I have to say to the writers is, DON’T KILL OFF CASS AND CROWLEY! I know Sam an Dean are the show, but these two are great assets to the show too!

I’m nervous, but excited to see what happens to Sam and Dean. Obviously the writers can’t kill the Winchesters off, there would be no show. So I’m just going to keep pretending our boys our fine to get me through the long summer.

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