‘Supernatural’ Review: Dean is Over the Edge

The Dean we knew is gone.

The Dean we knew is gone.

Charlie’s death has pushed Dean over the edge and he doesn’t even realize it.

To get revenge for a loved on being killed isn’t anything new for the Winchesters, but the way Dean did it was very different. As Cass said, the Dean he knew would have never killed that boy. That boy was innocent. He was about to run away and live the life he wanted to live, but Dean took that chance away from him. I thought that was heartbreaking. I thought that would be the low point, but no, the low point was when Dean almost killed Cass. Charlie would be devastated at the way Dean is acting. Charlie died so Dean could be saved. You can’t deny her her last wish.

Sam was all ready to give up, until he got Charlie’s email and now they can get the cure. But Sam has to kill Crowley first.

When Sam trapped Crowley, I was terrified. I do not want Crowley to die. Luckily Rowena’s hex bag didn’t work, but now Crowley is coming after his mother and isn’t going to think twice about killing Sam the next time he comes after him. I think the only reason why Crowley let Sam live was because of his friendship with Dean, as unconventional as that friendship may be.

I really thought we were going to get to explore the House of Frankenstein more. I was looking forward to getting to know a new ‘Supernatural’ monster, but Dean killed every last one of them. And it didn’t even seem very hard either. Unless there’s a Stein hiding somewhere, their family has just been wiped out.

I’m very scared going into the season finale. If Dean can turn on Cass and almost kill him, will he try to kill Sam when he learns that Sam is still working on a cure? He already wished Sam dead. Dean doesn’t want to pay the high price for that magic, but what about the price he’s paying for having the Mark on his arm? He almost killed one of his best friends and he killed a young innocent boy and thinks he was doing the right thing. How many more people have to die before he lets Sam cure him? Dean has done everything he could to save Sam time and time again, why not let Sam save him?

Next week will Dean finally get the Mark removed? Take a look at the promo:

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