Freya is Sticking Around, Riley Voelkel Promoted to Series Regular

Freya tells Elijah and Klaus her story.

Freya is making a home for herself in New Orleans.

After getting her freedom from Dahlia, Freya is going to be sticking around New Orleans for awhile.

According to TVLine, Riley Voelkel (Freya) has been promoted to series regular on ‘The Originals’.

“Freya is going to stick around and help raise [Hope],” executive producer Michael Narducci told TVLine. “She’s allowing Rebekah the chance to go have a life by sticking around. I’m really excited to see what role this new sister is going to have in the family and how she may play off of both of her brothers. I’m really excited about that family dynamic.”

I’m very exited that we will be seeing more of Riley. I absolutely loved her betrayal of Freya. Rebekah has always been my favorite original, but Freya is coming pretty close.

The first time I saw Riley was on ‘The Newsroom’, but first she got yelled at by Will, then she was his intern. That role certainly was a stepping stone to ‘The Originals’. Now she has such a great role. She’s a witch and immortal, the best of both world. But is she still immortal after Dahlia is gone? Will she have to be carful now?

Freya finally has the chance to have the family she’s never got the chance to have. I wish Rebekah would stick around too, but Freya is giving her a chance to follow her own path. Klaus isn’t exactly the best brother, as Elijah knows too well. I foresee a lot of fights between Klaus and Freya. Neither of them take orders very well. Elijah is in a weird place. He can’t forgive Klaus, but hopefully that won’t affect his relationship with Freya.

It will be nice to have another female Mikaelson around next season. I love strong woman characters and Freya has been through a lot in her lifetime. She’s a very strong and powerful character and I’m looking forward to seeing her character grow next season.

Are you excited to be seeing more of Freya?


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