ABC Renews ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Nashville’

greys-anatomy-eleventh-season.32035 ABC has renewed ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Nashville’. With how well ‘Grey’s’ has been doing it was no surprise, but ‘Nashville’ was a worry with it’s declining ratings.

Fans are still upset after Derek Shepherd’s death, but the show will go on without him. The storylines have been really good this season, even without Cristina Yang. Derek wasn’t in too many episodes either, and the story kept moving forward.

Derek’s death has propelled the story on even more. Now Meredith really does have to figure out how to be the best surgeon and mother without him. Amelia is also dealing with Derek’s death. Derek’s death and Meredith running away, prompted April to go into the army and study surgical field techniques. This has only made her a better doctor, but has distanced her from Jackson.

The tragedy also inspired Owen to go back to the army and to step down from chief. Now someone else will get the honor of running Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Plus there is tension between Jo and Alex. She wants to go on an adventure, while he’s finally putting down roots. Derek’s death has definitely had a ripple affect. So it wasn’t a surprise that ABC wants another season of Shonda Rhimes’ show.

nashville___poster1_by_emreunayli-d6llccb‘Nashville’ looked like it could be in danger of being cancelled, but luckily ABC has decided to renewed the show for a fourth season. There’s still more stories to tell and so much more music!

Gunnar and Scarlett are finally making it work as a duo. Plus, we can’t really end the show without these two together.

Juliette has such an interesting storyline at the moment with her postpartum depression. Avery is trying desperately to help her.

Will is about to come out of the closet a lot sooner than he expected and his career is just starting to heat up.

Let’s not forget Ryana and Deacon are finally together, Teddy trying to get himself out of a big mess and who can say no to seeing Maddie and Daphne sing more! I’m really looking forward to another season of these talented musicians.

Are you looking forward to another season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Nashville’? Will you even watch ‘Grey’s’ with out Derek? What would you like to see next season?


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