‘The Originals’ Review: Ashes to Ashes, the Battle is Won

The Mikaelson family.

The Mikaelson family.

It was a Mikaelson family reunion on the season finale. Ester came back to destroy her sister and Rebekah was back in her body again.

Klaus is a great villain because he has the best devious plans. He manipulated every piece of the puzzle for the victory. But this is also what leaves him all alone. It’s exciting to see his plans unfold though, and this was a very exciting plan with multiple parts. There will be a lot of consequences from this plan.

I love Davina, but this betrayal may put her on the path of evil. Vincent said she would have to be very careful or she would be more evil than them all. Maybe Vincent will be sticking around now that he’s seen his error in judgment. Cami called him out on leaving Davina without a teacher. This sets up an interesting storyline for season three.

Cami has also finally admitted she has feelings for Klaus. Whoever knew someone could actually love Klaus after all he’s done.

Elijah is done with Klaus. It was just one too many betrayals. But Hayley has asked that he be there for Hope. Elijah will have to put aside his feelings and be there for Hope.

I can’t believe that Hayley is cursed. Sometimes I really hate Klaus, especially when he just thinks of the mother of his child as collateral damage. Hope needs her mother.

Rebekah is on her own journey. Freya gave her the opportunity to take back the witch body and choose her own path. Rebekah can’t choose, but she will keep her promise to Kol.

The season finale was definitely a family affair. Dahlia was reunited with the sister that betrayed her. It all started with always and forever and it ended that way too.

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