‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Review: Tragedy Hits and Time Stops

Will they do the impossible?

Will they do the impossible?

This week we were back to real time and back to what ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ does best, tackle big tragedies. This one was really big. A tunnel collapsed and there was mostly causalities, but finally live victims started coming through.

These tragedies also have a way of ruining wedding days. This time it was Richard’s wedding. They weren’t exactly doing things conventionally. Jackson was a bridesmaid and Bailey was the best man. But will we ever get to see Richard and Catherine actually walk down the isle? These two have had such a tough road. Both are brilliant surgeons, who don’t agree often. This time they didn’t agree over a very experimental surgery that had never been done on humans before. “Grey’s’ has done some experimental surgeries before, but never this experimental.

Alex, Jackson, Owen, Richard and Catherine stood their arguing while a teenage boy was dying. Catherine and Jackson said no, but Alex and Richard said yes. They only needed two surgeons to sign off, so they went for it. They got really, really lucky. When Owen suggested it, he failed to mention that its only been successful on pigs. And for a moment it seemed like all was for nothing, but they got his heart going again.

This wasn’t the only crazy surgery going on. April, Maggie, Amelia and Meredith had their own miracle they were working on. A man was trapped in a car. They did what they could and then April sent them back to the hospital. Maggie kept thinking they could have done more and this triggered something in Amelia. She never got the chance to save her brother or to even say goodbye. She attacked Meredith very angrily about this. She blamed her for not getting to say goodbye. This in turn made Meredith break down. We’re still seeing the affects of Derek’s death and he lives on through the show because of that.

April decided that all hope wasn’t gone and she brought the man to the hospital in the car. So they could give him a chance. Now there’s going to be a crazy surgery for the season finale.

We go into the finale with questions. Are Jo and Alex actually breaking up? They seemed so perfect, but since Owen and April got back from the army, Jo thinks it would be cool to go too. Alex said he’s put down roots and he doesn’t want to uproot them.

Also what did Maggie’s mother tell her? What is wrong? It doesn’t sound good.

Things have changed a lot this season and next season there will be a new chief. Richard is recommending Bailey, but Catherine wants to pick the new chief. Who will actually get the job?

After 11 years we got to go back in time a little. We got to see the new interns come in and flashback to when Meredith, Alex, Cristina, George and Izzie started. But these interns are not like Meredith’s class. One came in on an ambulance acting like a full blown doctor and later confessed he was only an intern. Another almost paralyzed a woman. Not exactly inspiring.

How will this crazy season end? Take a look at the promo:

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