‘Supernatural’ Review: Meet the House of Frankenstein

Can anyone survive being friends with the Winchesters?

Can anyone survive being friends with the Winchesters?

How can the writers do this to us? How can they kill off Charlie? She was so much fun to have around. Why writers, why?

Rowena told Charlie that her loyalty to the brothers would be her downfall and it was. But she was ready and willing to die for Sam and Dean. There’s been a lot of people who have died around the Winchesters, but none who have sacrificed them self in the way that Charlie did. Charlie’s last good deed was cracking the codex code, which will be the key to saving Dean.

Dean better get with the program for being saved, because otherwise Charlie would have died in vain.

I’m a little mad at Charlie though. She knew it was dangerous to go outside. She knew people would be after her and she still did it. But she was also right, it’s what she needed to crack the code.

Will Sam and Dean ever be able to forgive themselves for what happened to Charlie?

The episode started out quite fun. I really liked Charlie, Cass and Rowena all in the same room. They are three completely different people. And Cass really doesn’t know how to be a referee. He doesn’t exactly have good social skills and he has no skills in keeping an evil witch and a rebellious girl like Charlie in check, but it was a lot of fun to watch. Rowena actually might be a bit surprised that Charlie broke the code.

This week we learned a lot more about the Stein family. Sam couldn’t understand why the family just appeared out of no where in the 1800s. Dean finds out, that’s because they changed their name. They come from a very, very old European family, the House of Frankenstein. Mary Shelley exposed them with her book and they had to change their name.

This is definitely a monster that we haven’t accounted on ‘Supernatural’ before. They’ve done vampires, demons and angels, but never delved into the lore of Frankenstein before. Will this enemy be sticking around for a while? I guess as long as Sam and Dean have the Book of the Damned, they will be.

Crowley’s minions are out looking for his mother and someone else. Crowley had a little chat with the head of the coven, who Rowena turned into a hamster, and now he’s seeking someone else. Who is this mysterious person?

There’s a lot of questions heading into the last two episodes of the season. Will Sam find a cure for Dean and will he kill Crowley. I will be very upset if they kill Crowley. I’m very worried now. I never thought they would kill off Charlie and they did. Is Crowley next?

Next week Dean is out for revenge for Charlie’s death. Take a look at the promo:

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