‘The Originals’: Review: Klaus is Playing with Fire and Ice

Hayley wanted to teach her daughter, you don't leave anyone behind. So what exactly is Klaus teaching her?

Hayley wanted to teach her daughter, you don’t leave anyone behind. So what exactly is Klaus teaching her?

Klaus always has the best plans. This one included making his siblings think he was going against them. And even cursing Hayley’s pack to be wolves always. It was a very devious plan, but what is the final part? How will they kill Dahlia?

From the beginning it looked like Klaus was up to his old tricks. He compelled Marcel to find out their plan. He killed Elijah’s new love interest. He even looked like he killed Cami. Klaus was back to his monster self, but not so fast.

It took the whole episode, but in the end Cami let us in on a little secret, it was all part of his diabolical plan. Maybe daggering him was a bad idea. But can you blame his siblings? Half the time Klaus seems more of a danger to himself and everyone around him than useful.

This was definitely an epic episode. One that felt more like a season finale than a normal episode. They were so, so close to killing Dahlia, that is, if it was even going to work. Dahlia claim’s Freya’s blood would never have worked. And poor Freya, she’s gone to sleep early. But I like Freya. I want to see more of her. She’s just as diabolical as Klaus. She’s awesome. Mikael was the only thing that scared Klaus and Dahlia is the only thing that scares Freya. They are so much alike.

I guess you should never think things are as they appear when Klaus is behind the plan. The biggest question, other than how they kill Dahlia, is will Rebekah wake up in her own body or is she dead for good? How can they kill her off for good? She has to come back!

This was also a very good episode for Davina. She convinced the coven to make her their regent. Davina is going to have more power than ever. She’s sure to be powerful enough to bring Kol back, but will she take down Klaus in the process? Will the witches me an enemy yet again to Klaus? And where will this leave Marcel and Davina’s relationship? Or Josh and Davina’s relationship?

Once question that is answered in the promo: Claire Holt will be making an appearance! But Elijah can’t forgive Klaus and they still have to defeat Dahlia. Take a look at the promo for the season finale:

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