‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: I’d Become a Human for You

It seems fitting that we would see the old Gilbert house again before Elena leaves.

It seems fitting that we would see the old Gilbert house again before Elena leaves.

Since we know that Nina Dobrev is leaving, it’s unlikely that Damon will take the cure with her. It’s almost a shame that we can’t be wondering will he or won’t he, but if Elena dies at the end to the season, that would be even more cruel. So even though the suspense has been taken out of this storyline, it’s okay.

It’s interesting that Elena is human again before she leaves the show. Will she run off with Alaric and Jo? Or will the writer’s actually kill her off. However the writers choose to write her off the show, it better be an epic send off. Elena Gilbert deserves that.

It was nice imagining a human Damon, but it’s not a realistic fantasy. Everyone knows Damon would hate being human again. But it’s no surprise that Elena is still madly in love with him. Does everyone forget that the reason she was sired to him was because she loved him when she was human? So Elena worrying if she would still love him, as Bonnie pointed out, wasn’t unnecessary.

All of Elena’s memories are back and she remembers how much Damon doesn’t want to be human. So she’s making him think about it and discuss with other people. It is a big decision after all. It’s also a heartbreaking storyline, since we kind of know where it’s headed. Damon and Elena will not live happily ever after and it’s really awful for the epic love story of there’s. I still haven’t gotten over this. I just hope the writers do their story justice in the end. And I’m wondering how romantic storylines will go on from here. Caroline and Stefan still have a shot after she gets over what she’s done, but what about Damon? I don’t really want to see him with anyone else, it would just be cruel.

Looks like Alaric and Jo will be leaving too. Alaric is actually taking Matt’s advice and getting out. Jo finding out she had twins is what made up his mind. The coven will come for them, to strip Kai from his powers. But will they have powers, seeing as Jo gave up hers?

She might have a fight on her hands sooner than she’d like. Kai has found a way out. I thought Bonnie said there was no way out? Mystic Falls is about to get some major villains and they’re one vampire down. Maybe Elena should have waited to take the cure.

The episode wasn’t all doom. Jo got a pretty fun bachelorette party. It’s too bad Caroline wasn’t around to plan it. She’s a great party planner. But Bonnie, Elena and Jo still had fun. They stuffed their faces and talked about Damon.

Alaric was having a very similar conversation with Damon. Everyone wanted to know about Damon possibly taking the cure. It is a big surprise after all. But Damon wouldn’t tell his brother. I think he was scared that Stefan was going to show him the truth, it wasn’t a smart choice. He’s a vampire and he can’t be anything else. Do we really want to see him as anything else?

Matt is having some real issues since he almost died again. He’s now drinking himself to death, as Tyler said. Tyler can’t control his rage and is terrified of becoming a wolf again. Two storylines that could be tapped into more. Both are very lost and confused and very alone.

Lily won’t be alone too much longer. Her friends are coming! She was a bit of a surprise this week. She still knows Stefan very well. She knows when he’s lying to her. And her ripper tendencies are interesting. She didn’t kill Jo when she said she was pregnant. That was strange. I don’t think Ripper Stefan would have stopped. But as I said before, I think her humanity switch is broken. I was not happy when Lily tried to kill Bonnie, though I understand why she did it.

We just got Bonnie back and now she’s on the brink of death again, but Damon was able to heal her. Bonnie needs to be more careful. She’s died too many times. Everyone on this show had died too many times.

Only two more episodes left with Nina. Stefan shows Damon what his life would be like if he took the cure. Take a look at the promo:

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