‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Review: Meredith is Running Away

How do you really tell people you're husband is dead.

How do you really tell people you’re husband is dead.

This is one brutal episode. I don’t think I’ve cried as much for any other ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ episode and maybe even any show. Shonda just tore at our hearts and didn’t let up.

It was an intense two hours. Meredith barely said a word the entire episode. She was dealing the only way she knew how, to run away. Everyone was dealing in their own ways. Whether that meant running away too, or arguing over how they wanted to die.

The scene where Meredith tells everyone was done so well. She didn’t comprehend what had happened. She didn’t know what to do or how tell anyone. Everything was just fuzzy and meaningless. You felt the moment, you were in the moment. It was the start of a beautiful and emotional episode and a great way to say goodbye to Derek Shepherd. He left behind great achievements and he was loved.

Derek’s death hit April hard too. She never recovered after the loss of her baby and this drove her away, just like it drove Owen away. They joined the army and were off saving people in a war zone, while Jackson wondered if he was ever going to see his wife again.

Bailey told Ben she didn’t want to be hooked up to any machines, but he wanted extraordinary measures. They argued over this for months. She didn’t believe in miracles. Then when he got the papers signed of no extraordinary measures, she broke. She’s terrified of losing him. She was just distracting herself.

Much like Amelia was distracting herself. She threw herself into her work. She didn’t take a second off, one second and a patient could die. Then Richard asking her to coffee broke her. This was hard to watch. And it was even harder when she told Owen she had oxy in her pocket and she might take it, but the Derek thing is handled.

Owen was right. Amelia has never dealt with the pain before. She pushed is down, she covered it over with drugs. But she never dealt with the pain. She never worked through it. Now she’s feeling every ounce of pain and it’s killing her.

Meredith left everyone behind. She just left her old life behind. No one could deal with the loss of Derek.

Callie broke down when her and Derek’s invention was helping her patient walk again. Arizona broke down when another doctor was talking about the inconvenience of losing Derek.

Throughout the whole episodes we got tons of flashbacks. We almost relieved Meredith and Derek all over again.

There were some happy moments. Meredith had a daughter. Derek said he wanted more babies and his wish came true. At least he got his last wish. And Meredith named her after her mother.

Ellis played a big part in this episode. Meredith was going though so many memories of her pass, just trying to make sense of everything. I was so happy that Alex finally brought her home. She used him as her emergency contact. Alex is truly her person now.

Richard also got proposed to in the way he was going to propose to Catherine. It was romantic and it was great for Richard.

In the end Meredith was seen laughing with Alex and Maggie. It was good to see her laugh. It was good to see her back at the hospital. She even put on Derek’s scrub cap. She’s finally on that path to moving on.

It’s brutal and it’s tough, but Derek’s death has affected all the characters in a big way. And this is something that won’t just go away. Next week Amelia is mad at Meredith. She believes she could have saved him or at least got the chance say goodbye. Take a look at the promo:

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