‘Supernatural’ Review: Cass Pays His Debt

Dean gives Claire a hunting book, to at least prep her for what she's getting into.

Dean gives Claire a hunting book, to at least prep her for what she’s getting into.

Cass has been beating himself up since he discovered he ruined Jimmy Novak’s family after he promised to protect them. He was finally able to make that right.

Claire must have had a soft spot for Cass or just had him there as a back-up, since she had his contact information for her emergency contact. It’s what let Cass back to her and to her mission to find her mother.

Why doesn’t it surprise me that her mother didn’t really just leave her. It is the world of ‘Supernatural’ after all. What looked to be just a troubled teen, turned into an actual case.

Claire’s search had led her to a so called faith healer, but as Sam and Dean have discovered, those don’t really exist.

Dean and Cass went to talk to the man that Claire had found, Ronny. So I don’t completely agree that in this instance the Mark was shinning through. It isn’t the first time Dean has used excess force on a witness and that was even before he had the Mark, but it’s understandable why Cass and Sam were worried.

Sadly Ronny gettting killed gave them more information than just talking to him.

The ‘Supernatural’ writers have found yet another monster to feature on the show. Ten years in and they still come up with new villains. This villain was an angel, but it was a particular kind of angel that we’ve never met before. A rouge one, a Grigori. Cass thought they were all extinct, but apparently not. They pray on humans taking their souls and according to Tamiel, they been doing it since the beginning of time.

He wasn’t an easy angel to kill. He had a different kind of angel sword and he was tough. It took Cass, Sam and Dean fighting with him and then Claire getting a second to strike to take him down.

Claire has had her first monster kill and she seems to like the idea of hunting. Did Sam and Dean make it sound so cool? Or maybe her mother getting killed, like there’s did, is what has made her chose this possible path. Dean tried to talk her out of it, but to be honest, after her life so far, does she have any better options?

The best part of this episode was when Dean and Claire were playing miniature golf. We’ve never really seen Sam and Dean have any fun that isn’t the girls and booze kind. It was strange, but nice to see Dean doing something normal.

Next week Charlie is back and her and Sam are back to saving Dean. Take a look at the promo:

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