‘Chicago PD’ Crossover Review: Intelligence Lost One of It’s Own

Nadia stayed strong. She knew Erin and Voight would catch him. They were just too late to save her.

Nadia stayed strong. She knew Erin and Voight would catch him. They were just too late to save her.

This was the best crossover yet! All three shows implemented characters very well. And the case didn’t just start at the end of ‘Chicago Fire’, it really started within the episode.

It all started with a burn victim that had also been rapped. Olivia Benson came to Chicago pretty quickly, because it was too close to cases she worked over ten years ago. The guy was back.

For a moment it looked like the killer could be Jay’s brother, but Will was more than willing to answer any questions. It was Jay that didn’t want his brother to say anything.

It looked suspicious because Will knew one of the other victims and now he’s in Chicago when another murder happened. But Will didn’t do it, so he was fine with helping the police.

They quickly moved on to Yates. Roman and Burgess brought him in claiming his car was involved in a hit and run. He was smart though. He knew what they were really up to.

He asked to meet Erin so he would have an alibi for his next murder. But he wasn’t happy with Intelligence, so he took Nadia.

Yates was a very busy man. He attacked two more women when he arrived in New York. He killed one and the other one had brain damage. Then he went to propose to his girlfriend. She didn’t believe a word the police said.

They had no evidence linking Yates to the crimes. The best case they had was Nadia, so they took him to trial.

It was interesting seeing Voight, Erin and Jay in the court room. We never get to see them when the case is going on.

The case was quite exciting. Yates was smart and knew Nadia use to be an addict and a prostitute, so he waisted no time in painting that picture for the jury. He also claimed she wanted to get out of town because Voight was forcing himself on her. He was creating reasonable doubt. He also tried to pin it on Jay’s brother.

Things were looking bad and Voight wasn’t happy. He voiced his grievances with the lawyer. Olivia seemed to know how to turn the tables. They didn’t really do much, they mostly let Yates paint himself into a corner. But the doctor on the stand did prove that Nadia’s injuries weren’t from multiple sexual partners. Then Yates got really weird. He wanted to know how Nadia felt right before death, or how much she felt and how much she could comprehend what was going on. He showed the jury his true colors and they convicted him.

I was proud of Voight for playing this case by the book, especially seeing one of his own was taken. But he couldn’t leave it without having some words with Yates and terrifying him. You don’t take one of Voight’s and get off the hook. He threatened Yates and made sure he was always looking over his shoulder.

I didn’t even know Voight liked Nadia. Or maybe because Erin cared about her so much, he cared too. But then again he did take care of Roman and he doesn’t exactly like him either. When you are under Voight’s roof, you are one of his.

It was sad that Nadia had be taken when she was planning Erin’s surprise 30th birthday. Not to mention she was so close to becoming a cop. She had really changed her life around. She was one of the kick ass women on ‘Chicago P.D.’ and now she’s gone. She will be missed.

Next week Intelligence has to catch a bomber. Take a look at the promo:

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