Derek’s Story Has Come to an End

"It wouldn't be love if it didn't destroy you." - Derek

“It wouldn’t be love if it didn’t destroy you.” – Derek

On Thursday night we said goodbye to Derek Shepherd. This has brought on a lot of emotions for fans. It was very sad to see Meredith tell him he can go. I was one of the many fans crying during the flashbacks and her goodbye.

I’m sure the next thing I’m going to say will get me a lot of backlash, I’m okay Derek is gone. Don’t get me wrong it was very sad to see him go, but Meredith and Derek’s story has come to an end. If the show was ending this season, then they could live happily ever after, but the writers are hoping to continue the story.

There’s been rumors floating around that Patrick Dempsey has been a diva on set and that’s what led to his exit.

Patrick told Entertainment Weekly: “I’m focusing now on developing and racing and being a father to my children. Those are my priorities.”

He also added about his future for acting: “I would commit to a show that is 10 to 12 episodes, but 24 again…I don’t know if I would do that. It’s a very hard life. It’s financially rewarding, but there comes a point where, how much is enough, really?”

Whatever the reason of his departure, I’m really okay that McDreamy left. Meredith and Derek were at their best when they were fighting for their relationship and doing the unconventional thing, like getting married on a post-it. Now that Derek was back, ready to be the number two neurosurgeon and wanted to go to soccer games and ballet recitals, it wasn’t MerDer at their best.

Sadly happily ever after for a couple in a drama, or even comedy, can be boring. There needs to be conflict. Now Meredith will have to figure out how to be a kick ass surgeon, a single mother and deal with the death of her husband. Everyone will be reeling after Derek’s death and it will make for some good storytelling.

So many McDreamy fans will be so mad at me right now, but I’ve been bored with the MerDer relationship for a while. I liked it when Meredith told him to go to D.C. and Meredith was doing great without him, but before that I was just bored with them.

They’ve had a great run on this show. Definitely the best couple of the show. I loved every minute of their epic love story, but that story has come to an end. How long and how many times can the writers torture these two? An 11 year epic romance is quite a triumph.

Luke and Payton left ‘One Tree Hill’ when they had reached their happily ever after. Which Meredith could have left with Derek, but I think Ellen Pompeo’s character still has more story to tell.

Angel left Buffy, Serena and Dan were on again off again and so was Blair and Chuck. Rachel and Ross went through many relationships before they ended up together. Do you really want to watch Derek going to soccer games and ballet recitals? It’s sad that they can’t end up happily ever after, but it was still a great ride.

I really enjoyed how we got to say goodbye to Derek. Before he was in an accident himself, he saved four people. We got to see him at his best before he left. It was a nice quiet way to say goodbye. When we said goodbye to Lexi and Mark is was crazy and very extreme. Saying goodbye to George was also very drama filled. Not everyone has to die in an over the top way.

The episode wasn’t perfect by any means. I mean why would he stop in the middle of the road to get his phone? I don’t understand why Amelia didn’t get to say goodbye to Derek. Wouldn’t you call your husband’s sister, so she could get a chance to say goodbye?

We got to see Derek plead with the doctors without being able to speak. He knew how to save himself, but the doctors weren’t trained well enough to save him. It was a freak accident and people die like that all the time, sadly.

His death will impact all the characters and I’m looking forward to watching that. How will everyone handle his loss? How will Amelia and Meredith overcome the loss? This gives the writers a lot to work with, with season 11 coming to an end and going into season 12, assuming there is a season 12. Now if this is the end, then I will be upset that the writers killed off Derek.


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