‘The Vampire Diaries’: Just Because

This was a very brutal way to get her to bring back her emotions.

This was a very brutal way to get her to bring back her emotions.

Damon’s secret is out. Elena knows about the cure, but she doesn’t want to take it. She wants to spend eternity with Damon. Damon tells her she will take the cure and he will take it with her. Wait, what? Is there another dose of the cure that we don’t know about it? In 1903? But if Bonnie destroys the descendant how will he get it?

Now that Damon knows exactly what or who his mommy’s friends are, he’s regretting giving her the ascendant. So he went to Bonnie, who was very mad at him. Bonnie decided to make a lunch date with Lily to make sure she was out of the house so she could retrieve the ascendant. It worked nicely, but then Momma Salvatore decided to threaten Damon with destroying the cure.

Damon of course went to Bonnie to get it back. Even pushed her out of the way, but Bonnie saw right through him. She saw how terrified he was of giving Elena the cure. She told him if he can handle a bunch of people that can kill her and watching Elena grow old, take the ascendant. He couldn’t bring himself to take it. When he got home he thought his mother was destroying the cure, but she gave it to Elena and told her Damon was never going to give it to her.

Elena forgave Damon quickly. And chose not to take the cure quickly. But what will happen next?

Stefan was on a mission to save Caroline. He did a pretty good job of tricking Caroline. He came close to blowing his cover when Elena gave them the letter from Caroline’s mom. She wanted to burn it. Very reminiscent of Elena burning her house down. Stefan tried to stop her, but if he pushed too far, she would have seen through him, so he helped her burn the letter.

Will she chose a vampire life or a human life?

Will she chose a vampire life or a human life?

Damon shot both Stefan and Caroline with vervain in the B&B to make it seem like they were trying to get both of them to turn on their humanity switches. They really should have attacked Stefan too though. It was very one sided.

The letter clearly didn’t work, so Stefan went inside her head and showed her her mom being very disappointed. Also didn’t work. Caroline was on the brink of killing Stefan when he gave her a real memory. It was Stefan and Sheriff Forbes. He was asking her for a sewing kit to help repair the teddy bear. She told him she hoped he and Caroline would be more than friends. Stefan said it wasn’t the right time, he wanted it to happen when there was no loss or pain. He wanted it to be perfect. She told him, he’d be waiting a very long time. Stefan said he’s very patient.

Stefan asked Liz if he could mail the letter for her, the letter for Caroline. She said she wasn’t done with it, she wanted it to be perfect too. This brought Caroline back, she wanted to see more, but that was the end of the memory. She wanted to know what the letter said, but she had already burned it. All the pain came rushing back. She said she ruined everything.

When she calmed down a bit Stefan tried to talk to her, but she just couldn’t.

With Caroline’s humanity back on they can now concentrate on Lily. I don’t know if this woman has a humanity switch. She told Damon and Enzo that the only people that can keep her in check are her friends.

Enzo and Lily had an interesting conversation when Bonnie stood her up. She never abandoned him, that’s when she was taken. When Lily get’s into some trouble she calls Enzo. She had killed a man. She said cars are much quieter now. She didn’t even hear the car and startled the man in it by walking in front of the car.

She saw his veins pulsing and her pain was gone and she killed him, but then felt remorse after. How will they keep her in check?

Next week Elena and Damon discuss taking the cure together. Stefan says not to take the cure. Take a look at the promo:

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