‘Grey’s Anatomy’: How Derek Said Goodbye

Goodbye Derek.

Goodbye Derek.

When I saw the police car’s lights last week, I knew this wouldn’t end well. I also knew that Patrick Dempsey was leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. He announced it months ago, I just didn’t know when it would be. Even with suspecting he was going to die and the knowledge of the actor leaving, nothing could prepare me for his actual departure.

It was a pretty great episode to say goodbye to Derek Shepherd, though not perfect. He saved four people, before he was in an accident himself.

There was a car accident and the traffic was backed up, so Derek took a shortcut. Bailey and Amelia were on the phone and said there were no shortcuts to the airport. He lost connection with them when he arrived in an area with bad reception.

Then a car zoomed in front of him. He was already going 10 mph over the speed limit. It did the same thing to the car in front of him, but hit the car and both of them toppled over.

Derek being Derek, stopped and helped both vehicles. There was a mother and daughter in the first one. The mother was a afraid her daughter wasn’t alright. The daughter, Whinny, was fine, just in shock. She thought she was dead. Derek calmed her down and she was able to tell her mother she was alright.

Then Derek checked on the other car. The teenage girl was off the road and in shock. She kept saying she had to call her mother. She had to be at school. Then she told Derek she wasn’t driving. The teenage boy was missing. He was walking aimlessly in the road. He had a bad gash in his head and collapsed in the road. Derek got them to saftey.

Then he went back to get the mother and daughter out. The daughter was easy. The mother was more difficult. She had a dislocated hip. He got her out and then put it back in place. Whinny was staying with the teenagers when he worked on her mom. Then the teenager’s car went up in flames. The young girl came and told Derek. Derek went to get the teenagers away. That actually proved helpful because someone would see the smoke and send help.

She knew the drill. No one needed to tell her her options, she just wanted the papers.

She knew the drill. No one needed to tell her her options, she just wanted the papers.

The teenage girl was not doing well. She had a huge gash on her stomach. Derek used the plastic from the mother and daughter’s dry cleaning to hold it closed.

He got her to calm down by telling her about the first time he kissed Meredith.

Help came and took them away. This is pretty much all the preview showed. But we were about to get into the bad part.

Derek was heading off when his phone rang. He stopped in the middle of the road to find his phone and when he sat back up, a semi-truck ran into him.

He was taken to a hospital, but not a trauma hospital. They were already over booked with the people from the car wreck he saved. The female doctor wanted a head CT, but the male doctor said no. Derek couldn’t speak, but his voice over showed he knew exactly what was doing on. He was also saying what the doctors should be doing.

Whinny came up to him and did exactly what he had done for her. She said he was alive because she felt a pulse and kept making him look at her.

She was able to tell her doctors his name was Derek and a surgeon.

As Derek was taken into surgery, the female doctor still pleaded for a head CT. They went into operation and he was saying what Meredith would do and the doctors were following through. But then he was losing pressure and he knew he had a head lack. They paged neuro and no answer. Later they found out he was at a dinner. He said he’d be there in 20 minutes, but it was an hour an half later.

It was too late, Derek knew it was too late. The surgeon operated anyways.

Then we flashback to Meredith’s house and the police coming to her door. They asked her to come with them and she said she couldn’t because of the kids. She brought the kids with.

For a moment the writers teased us with Derek being alive, but that didn’t last long.

Meredith looked mad. She looked at his chart and said it was a bad call not getting the head CT. It was a very bad call.

Then another doctor approached her later, with things they had to discuss. But Meredith is a doctor and she knew the drill. They waited the right amount of time before they could declare him dead, they couldn’t donate any organs because there wasn’t much left, so it came down to putting him in a home or pulling the plug. She didn’t much want this conversation.

She chose to pull the plug. We had many flashbacks of their relationship. She made the nurse wait to pull the breathing tube so she could tell him he could go, they would be alright. The nurse asked if she was ready and she said no, but she could go ahead.

It was a very sad moment. But the last thing Derek did was save four people. He was very stupid to sit in the middle of the road like that in his car. I didn’t really like that part, it was very forced. Also, why wasn’t Amelia called? Shouldn’t have she got a chance to say goodbye to her brother? Those were two details of the episode I didn’t like, otherwise, it was a nice quiet way to say goodbye to Derek Shepherd.

Next week is a special two hour episode where everyone is shook by Derek’s death. Take a look at the promo:

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