Crossover Week is Coming: ‘Chicago Fire’, ‘SVU’, ‘Chicago PD’

Have you heard that ‘Chicago P.D.’ is having another crossover? Starting Tuesday, April 28, ‘Chicago Fire’, ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ and ‘Chicago P.D.’ are joining forces for a crossover event. The event will conclude Wednesday, April 29.

Firehouse 51, SVU and Intelligence will be tackling one case and it looks to get very personal. There are three victims that have been raped and murdered. The guy has been at this for ten years. Then the preview makes it appear that Erin gets taken by the guy!

I remember reading that someone was going to die on ‘Chicago P.D.’, tell me it isn’t Erin! Sophia Bush has been kicking ass since she appeared on the show and has led the way for other kick ass women on the show: Burgess and Nadia.

I’m still wanting to see Linstead and that can’t happen if Erin is gone. Or could this jump start that relationship, if Erin doesn’t die. Jay looks pretty mad in the preview, if he almost loses her, I’m sure that will pull these two back together.

Olivia asks Voight to play this one by the book, but if Erin is the one taken, will he be able to stick to his word?

Take a look the promo and get ready for whatever the consequences may be:


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