‘The Following’: The Messenger Gave Joe One More Hand to Play

Joe is upset that Ryan doesn't want to be friends anymore. Not good to upset someone right before they attempt to escape.

Joe is upset that Ryan doesn’t want to be friends anymore. Not good to upset someone right before they attempt to escape.

Just as Ryan thought he was getting rid of Joe, Joe gives himself one more chance at escaping.

Maybe Joe being executed is the only way Ryan can truly let go of Joe and Joe can let go of him. The episode opened up with Ryan dreaming of Joe teaching him how to kill Gwen. It’s a pretty messed up dream, but after everything Ryan has been through to catch Joe, it’s not surprising that he’s a little messed up by it. So messed up that he almost broke his sobriety. It’s a good thing he didn’t, since there will be a little Ryan on it’s way.

Theo is proving to be a difficult enemy. He reported Ryan’s car stolen, with him as the description of the suspect. The N.Y.P.D. pulled him over and told him to get out of the car and then when they saw he had a gun, they knocked him to the ground. Ryan had to tell them to look at his badge. That wasn’t the only thing Theo did. He orchestrated a car crash with Ryan, Max, Mike and innocent civilians. He also made a discrepancy in Gwen’s electronic medication record making it look like she was over prescribing meds. This prompted her bosses to put her under review.

After the crash Theo called Ryan to prove how easy it is for Theo to get to him. Sloan put a trace on this phone, if he ever used it again. Ryan said he was too smart for that, but Theo didn’t know how to control his new student.

Theo targeted Gary Benson and really got on his good side. Theo helped him stand up to an old Captain that pushed him out of the military before he got to fight for his country. Then Theo shot the captain. While Theo was inside getting Gary’s mask, Gary made a call to his ex-wife. Theo told Gary he was special, but the only real reason he was special was because Theo could easily get him into the prison to see Joe. Theo needed to see if Joe had the code key to crack Strauss’ code.

Theo broke into Julianne Barnes’ office at the beginning of the episode to retrieve a notebook that had Strauss’ code. Ryan, Max and Mike are unaware of what was taken.

The phone call that Gary made to his ex-wife tipped the F.B.I. off on what they were up to. Theo didn’t have enough time to convince Joe to give him the key, if he even has it. I’m not sure if Joe even wanted to work with him at all. Joe did get some information out of Theo, he wanted to know all about Ryan’s new girlfriend, Gwen. Joe also took the opportunity to get the sunglasses off Gary. This meant Gary had to die and Theo didn’t seemed too fazed by that, just a little upset he didn’t get his information before that happened.

Mark reappeared, but claimed mark was dead, Luke lives.

Mark reappeared, but claimed mark was dead, Luke lives.

Joe now has something he can use to escape. Will he be able to use those sunglasses to get out and continue to torture Ryan?

Tom may be second guessing taking the laptop now. Sloan searched Mark’s safe house and found an ethernet line open with an unusually high data transfer rate. This proved there was a computer in the house, but this computer is missing. We all know Tom has been using it to spy on Max.

They isolated the burned in address and traced it to their building. Now they believe they have a mole. Tom walked in when they were pinpointing the laptop’s location and he quickly got the laptop and broke it. Tom may think he’s in the clear for now, but Daisy know’s someone has been logging into spy on Max and she plans on using that person to get to Mike. This is her leverage to keep Mark from killing her.

For a moment it almost appeared that Mark had completely lost it. He’s injured from jumping off the boat, he has a limp, but he claimed to Daisy that Mark is dead, he’s Luke. Mark told Daisy to take off her clothes and when she wouldn’t, he brought out a knife. Daisy stripped for him and then got on top of him seeing if he wanted more. Mark clammed up and that’s when Daisy knew, Mark was still there. So Mark isn’t as crazy as he appears, but he’s still not all there in the head and he’s coming after Mike.

Next week Joe reschedules his execution and requests to see Ryan or everyone dies. Will Joe make it out of this alive? Take a look at the promo:

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