‘Gotham’: The Ogre Chronicles Continue

Gordon shows Jason the G.C.P.D. can't be intimidated.

Gordon shows Jason the G.C.P.D. can’t be intimidated.

Gordon has been going under the impression that the person the Ogre would target would be Lee. He made sure Lee was fine with him forcefully going after the serial killer, but her never even considered Barbara would be a target. But after watching Barbara and Jason together, is she more than just a tool to get back at Gordon? He’s either really into her or playing her very well. He knew exactly what to say with the last girl, maybe that’s what he’s doing now too.

In the beginning of the episode Gordon is very worried about Lee. She isn’t picking up her phone and there’s a serial killer on the lose that could be coming after her. She’s not answering he phone because she’s in the bathtub. She hears a noise and then a crash. She calls out for Jim, but he’s not there. It’s just a cat that got in her apartment. She’s about to call Jim and then he comes up behind her, but she doesn’t know it’s him, and she whacks him with the phone.

Gordon tells Lee about the Ogre and how he comes after cop’s loved ones. She wants him to go after the guy and catch him.

A killer is born.

A killer is born.

Gordon and Harvey dig deeper. They speak to the first detective on the case. He was investigating Julie Kemble, Jason’s first victim, or so we thought at that point. There was notes scratched out on his notepad. Harvey and Gordon wanted to know what was there. Eleven more girls had been murdered since he dropped the case. The girl was a nurse at a private medical clinic, a plastic surgery office.

They go check out the office, but the doctor won’t give them anything without a warrant. On the way out of the office, Jim spots a car he saw outside of the police station. He was staring right at the Ogre, but couldn’t get a good look at him. The Ogre drives forward forcing the two detectives out of the way. Gordon knows that was the Ogre, he’s been following them.

Back at the Precinct, Jason gives Jim a call. He warns him to back off or he’ll come after Gordon’s loved ones. This will be his only warning.

Gordon decides they have to show the Ogre they aren’t afraid. He talks to Lee and she’s okay with him going public with his hunt. He makes an appeal to the public for information, but also tells the Ogre, he’s coming for him.

Harvey finds out from the doctor that Miss Constance van Groot recommended Julie, the first victim, to the doctor’s office. She’s one of the oldest families in Gotham, so they assume the Ogre might be her son.

They go to her house and find the butler trying to hang himself. They also find Miss van Groot decaying in the bed. She’d been dead for years. Harvey also finds all of Jason’s pictures have his face scratched out.

It turns out Jason isn’t van Groot’s son, he’s the butler’s son. Miss van Groot did treat him like a son though and led him on. He wanted her last name and to be put in the will, but she just laughed. This is when Jason made his first kill. His father, Jacob, hid that she was dead to protect his son. Jacob didn’t believe his son could be seducing young women. He showed them a picture of his hideous son.

He went to the plastic surgeon under the name Jason van Groot to get his face changed. His picture just happened to be swiped from the files, so all the doctor could give them was a sketch. Jason van Groot or his real name Jason Skolimski are not in the system and they have no idea what his new alias is. Essen suggests Gordon think back what the Ogre said on the phone and see if they missed something. Jason had mentioned Gordon was a rising star in the press. Gordon realized the paper that came out with that headline had a picture of him and Barbara in it.

Jason had already gone after her though. He started at a bar and went back to her place, but when she said she doesn’t have a boyfriend or anyone to miss her, he backs down. She also tells him people run screaming from her once they get to know her. She tells him to let himself out. He’s very intrigued by her.

He donates $10,000 so he can go to the Wayne Charity Ball. He meets up with her there and Selina sees them leaving together. When Gordon frantically goes over to Barbara’s place, Selina is able to say that the sketched man is the man she left with.

Barbara was already at his place though and being introduced to his room of torture, but not like the other girls were.

Last week Selina made her first kill and this week she was dealing with it oddly. She was very defensive with Bruce and Bruce couldn’t handle what she did, but still needed her to finish the mission. She suggested Bruce getting her close enough to steal the key for the safe. It just so happened the Wayne Charity Ball was coming up and all the senior management would be there. Selina swiped the key and made a copy like it was nothing, but they still have to get in the safe.

Oswald was on a little mission of his own, to kill Maroni. It won’t be that simple. He hires the best gun and knife team in Gotham and they agree to do it, but before they strike, Maroni get’s to Oswald’s mother. The only thing precious to him. Instead of just killing her, he tells her the truth about her son. She is so broken hearted and asks her son not to lie to her. Penguin lies and tells her he’s just a night club owner.

Maroni sends flowers and Penguin wants to send a message to him, but instead kills the messenger.

Only two episodes left and time is running out for Gordon to save Barbara. Take a look at the promo:

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