‘The Vampire Diaries’: One Ripper Saved, One to Go

Lily is a very good liar.

Lily is a very good liar.

We had one brief episode without any enemies and now Damon is going to let out 6 vampires that are a very old bread, heretics. They are both witch and vampire. They can siphon magic from themselves. As Joe said, “imagine Kai with a blood lust of a vampire”. This is one scary creature and there’s six of them.

Damon only gave his mother the ascendant because he wanted desperately to save his brother. That was the only way he could get Lily to work with him. Now they have bigger problems.

Caroline and Stefan were terrorizing Whitmore. The episode started with Caroline betting Stefan she could scare someone to death. The dead guy over the balcony didn’t work, so she compelled him to have a heart attack and then not to breath and then told him he had spiders one him. Stefan was not happy she cheated, but she still won. So she got to do karaoke. To be honest, her singing with her humanity off, was even better than she did it before.

Things were about to get really dicey. Matt and Tyler stopped by to grab some food after their police training. They walked into Caroline and Stefan’s shenanigans. They tried to leave, but Stefan wouldn’t let them.

Caroline decided to play Caroline trivia. Tyler and Matt do know her very well, but the last question she asked was one they could never know. They didn’t know what her mother’s last memory was because they weren’t there. Stefan knew though, and he answered.

So then Caroline decided to play heads or tail to decide who she would kill. Tyler knocked the quarter out of her hand. Then he decided to attack them. Matt tried to convince him not to, but his temper was taking over. He went to stab Caroline and she blurred and by the time Tyler got to her, Matt was now there. He was stabbed.

Caroline trivia and then heads or tails! Barbie vamp was all about the games this week.

Caroline trivia and then heads or tails! Barbie vamp was all about the games this week.

Damon and Lily walked in and Stefan remembered her right away. Damon gave his keys to Matt and Tyler to get out of there.

Stefan knew Lily was there to get back his emotions. Caroline stabbed Stefan in the back and ran off.

Damon told Lily exactly what to say. She had no more feelings for her sons. She wasn’t coming back to get them when she was trapped in the prison world. So Damon had to tell her what he knew would get Stefan back and it worked like a charm.

Damon was giving Stefan one night to dwell on what he had done, but he said he didn’t need a night and was off to save Caroline.

Tyler took Matt to the hospital, where Matt wouldn’t let Elena heal him. Matt said he can’t hate vampires and then use them to his advantage. This was one of many things in this episode that made Elena feel bad about being a vampire for eternity.

It started with Lily asking Elena if she misses being human and she was only doing this because she over heard Bonnie giving Damon the cure.

Then Elena discovered Jo was pregnant and she was a little jealous. Elena felt really bad for reacting like that, but Jo understood. Elena discovered Joe was pregnant and her life flashed before her and the fact that she couldn’t have kids.

Will Damon give Elena the cure? He seems terrified of losing her.

This week we also go to see Enzo’s past. Enzo was going to introduce Sarah to her family, well Damon. Until Lily answered the door and he fled. It turns out Lily was the one who turned him. It was 1903 in South Hampton, England. Enzo was dying of consumption and was trying to board a ship to the U.S. with a doctor on board.

Lily helped him aboard and got him to see a doctor, only the doctor couldn’t save him. She promised him a new life and family, but instead turned him into a vampire and abandoned him.

No wonder Enzo and Damon get along so well.

Enzo first tried to set Sarah free. But she had taken vervain. She trapped him and wanted to know the whole story. Then he was going to turn her into a vampire, but he changed his mind. It was a rare nice moment for Enzo.

Next week Stefan is on a mission to save Caroline. Take a look at the promo:

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