‘Grey’s Anatomy’: A Plane Crash Opens Old Wounds


Is Derek okay?

Do we really have to wait yet another week to find out the fate of Derek? A  police car pulling up doesn’t look good. I read a while back that Patrick Dempsey would be leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, is this how he goes out? 

If Meredith didn’t have enough to worry about with not knowing where husband was, a plane had to crash and bring back a lot of bad memories.

Meredith could barely concentrate between flashbacks of the plane crash and wondering why she hasn’t heard from Derek yet.

Bailey had to snap her back into focus by giving her a deadline of when she can freak out. But she was panicking already and Maggie told her to go home.

Maggie also learned about what happened to Meredith and Arizona in the plane crash. Now Maggie can see why Meredith was hesitant to get to know her, she already lost a sister.

All this time Arizona thought it was Callie that cut of her leg, but it was Alex. Alex was feeling so guilty, he was hovering over her to make sure she was okay in the wake of another plane crash. He finally told her the truth. Callie made the call and she knew Arizona would hate her and she wanted Arizona to have someone. The resentment that led to the end of their marriage was misplaced.

Owen was going through his own PTSD. He still blames himself for the crash and this event just brought it all back.

The trauma of the plane crash seem very fresh in Meredith and Arizona's minds.

The trauma of the plane crash seemed very fresh in Meredith and Arizona’s minds.

He’s done with Amelia. He see’s that it will just end badly. There was a brief moment where they could start it back up again or at least explore the possibility, but Owen is too broken and scared to try. Which is exactly what led to Amelia ending it. Are they really over before they even began?

Looks like Callie and Arizona are definitely over. Callie couldn’t be there for Arizona through her PTSD, she didn’t believe she was that person any more, which is part of what led to Alex being that person. Arizona and Callie are both in a good place now, but it doesn’t look like they are heading back to each other.

Stephanie seemed to be going crazy this week. She was desperate to get the couple in the plane back together. They had a fist date and it was love instantly, but when the woman woke up, she didn’t remember. Stephanie pushed and pushed for her to remember. It made her believe that true love was out there.

Amelia was furious at her for pushing the patient, but she did end up remembering.

Stephanie was obsessed. While Jo was telling Stephanie about what actually happened after the plane crashed, Stephanie was fixating on the possibility of the love the patients have just vanishing if the guy died because of Owen and Amelia being mad at each other. They were having two separate conversations, but they were talking to each other.

Richard saw the plane crash, but each time he told the story, he was closer and closer to the plane. He saw his life flash in front of him and was scared of losing all the great things he has. He’s now grateful for everything he has.

Next week we finally find out what happened to Derek. Take a look at the promo:

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