‘Bones’: The Mini Golfer and the Tiki Hut

Brennan found mini golf fascinating.

Brennan found mini golf fascinating.

Max seemed to be up to his old tricks again. He was lying to Brennan and wouldn’t tell her where he was going.

She was so concerned about what he was up to, Booth put a tracking device on him. Then the Ohio police picked him up for grave robbing. He dug up Marvin Barlow, who was on the F.B.I.’s 10 most wanted list. They didn’t even know he was dead.

He still wouldn’t explain everything to Brennan. It wasn’t until he went back to Ohio and retrieved a ring from the evidence bag that he finally told the truth.

The ring was Brennan’s when she was a child. She thought she lost it, but Barlow had stolen it. He showed Max the ring that next day to show he could kill Brennan whenever he wanted. This is why Brennan parents left.

Even when Max does bad things, it’s always out of love for his family.

That was kind of the tone for the case too. The episode started out with a man calling his wife and the going to jump off a building, until he saw a dead body.

Hodgins was able to use a new toy to retrieve the body and then tried to use the toy and go down to retrieve more evidence, which was totally unnecessary and he ended up stuck hanging over the side.

The body was hard to examine. It was covered in bird poop and destroying the remains. With the first evidence it appeared their victim was a contract killer. The screws couldn’t give identity, but they led to the surgery and that led to the identity. Troy Carter. His brother Jake said he was a mini golfer and a good one at that. He was about to win the mini golf masters.

Mini golf is apparently a very competitive sport. The competitors hardly batted an eye when they were informed Troy was dead. It’s also appears to be a sport parents get really involved in too. 18-year-old Darla’s dad was really into it. Darla was also sleeping with the victim. Which led them to suspect her father, seeing as Troy was much older.

Darla informed them about the altercation Troy had gotten into with a man. Her description led them back to the brother. Jake was losing a lot of business since his brother was leaving their landscaping company.

There were so many motives floating around. Sammy, the owner of the golf course and hosting the Mini Masters, was funding Troy. Booth discovered Troy was heading to Africa for the World Mini Golf Championships and thought Troy was leaving Sammy, but Sammy was going with.

It was actually one piece of evidence that Wendell misread that led them to the killer. He assumed the red etched in the bone was blood. But when Hodgins analyzed it, it was red nail polish. Cam also analyzed part of it and found it was a nail.

That led them to Sammy’s wife. She confessed pretty easily, but she thought it was self defense. She was saving her marriage. Troy was taking Sammy away from her, so she killed him. She really believed it was self defense.

Wendell was a little distracted on this case and that might be why he misread the evidence. He thought he broke his girlfriend’s grandmother’s clock at the beginning of the episode, turns out it was already broken. Wendell and Hodgins spent the episode trying to fix the clock. Hodgins used another clock’s parts to fix it.

Next week they have to dig remains out of an industrial shredder. Take a look at the promo:

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