‘Supernatural’: Has Sam Found a Way to Save Dean?

"Shall we discuss terms." Sam is making a deal with the devil.

“Shall we discuss terms.” Sam is making a deal with the devil.

Has Sam found a way to save Dean? But at what cost? Dean doesn’t want to be saved if there’s a high cost, but Sam is willing to pay that price, whatever that may be.

But Sam can’t do it alone, he’s gone to Rowena for help. What will her terms be? And when will the Styne family be back on his trail. Jacob said his family will never stop looking for the book.

Since Charlie met the Winchesters, she’s had quite a few adventures. Her latest was he quest to get the Book of the Damned and bring it back to the boys.

This was no easy task. First she had difficulty finding the book. She found it in a ruined monastery in Spain, then she had the Styne family on her trail. She got shot getting away from Jacob. She called the boys from a pay phone and they set her up in one of Bobby’s cabin’s for hunters.

The boys drove quickly to get to her. Dean was in a really good mood. His hope was back and he was talking about a real vacation. He wanted to go to the beach and have the sand between their toes.

Reading the book proved to be complicated. The book was made with a nun’s skin and her blood. It was in unreadable text and in a code. It was impossible to crack. Plus the book was calling out to Dean.

According to Charlie’s research, the book is filled with spells to create or undo any damnation.

Dean discovered the the Styne family if very old. They date back to the early 1800s. They did spells to create diseases and destabilize markets. They also helped the Nazis before they came into power. The family profited off all of this.

Cass got his mojo back!

Cass got his mojo back!

Dean just wanted to destroy the book. He went to get Charlie’s snacks to cool off.

He got to the connivence store after Jacob killed the clerk. Dean noticed the family tattoo on Jacob and pulled out his gun. Jacob’s associate got the jump on him.

Jacob was very curious how Dean had the mark and it was a dead give away that Dean knew where Charlie and the book was.

Dean managed to get away and then it took a whole clip to knock down the associate. He ran back to the cabin and told them to destroy the book now. The Styne’s came in and started attacking.

It appeared Sam burned the book, but he had burned a different book. He locked away the Book of the Damned. He doesn’t tell anyone he still has the book.

These boys go to great lengths to save each other. Could this be one of the biggest?

Cass is back! It wasn’t an easy road with Metatron. First he took Cass to three different safe houses and they still hadn’t found Cass’ grace. Then an angry Cupid tried to kill them. Metatron actually saved Cass.

They made it to a library and Metatron had to read clues to find out where Cass’ grace was. He claimed he had another angel hide it and leave clues. What he was really looking for was the demon tablet.

He did a spell to take Cass down. While Cass was on the floor, he found his grace. He is now back to full power. Metatron was hoping to use the grace with the tablet. Cass couldn’t catch Metatron before he got away though.

Cass feels selfish for getting his grace back and not being able to catch Metatron. He told Sam he did the right thing by destroying the book. Little did Cass know, Sam was being the selfish one, or selfless one, depending how you look at it.

Charlie finally got to meet Cass too!

It looks like Rowena’s price is killing Crowley. Take a look at the promo:

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