Dream ‘TVD’/’The Originals’ Crossover: Bonnie vs. Dahlia

Bonnie's time in the prison world has changed her. Who is Bonnie now?

Bonnie’s emotions make her a very powerful, dangerous and scary witch at the moment.

After watching Dahlia on ‘The Originals’, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if Bonnie took on Dahlia? That would be a killer crossover. I don’t think this is likely, but lets imagine for a moment what it would be like.

Dahlia proved herself to be very powerful. She was doing spells we’ve never seen before. She also beat down Klaus and Mikael more than anyone else has.

Dahlia is proving to be very powerful.

Dahlia is just as scary as Freya described.

I’m not sure how the Mikaelsons, Hayley,

Jackson and Marcel are going to defeat this

witch. Could they need the help of another

powerful witch?

After Bonnie escaped from the prison world with Qetsiyah’s magic, she’s been very powerful. She’s having a little trouble controlling her magic with her emotions out of whack. Of course anyone who spent all that time alone trapped in the past, would be at least a little emotionally scarred. To take on Dahlia, she would have to get control of her powers first. Or maybe she should use that anger against Dahlia. That anger seems to inflame her magic.

There’s no telling who could win in a battle between Bonnie and Dahlia. The one problem with this scenario is that she would never want to help Klaus. If she had to defend Elena or Caroline against Dahlia, she could use that rage to fight the old witch. She’s always best when she fights for her loved ones. She brought Jeremy back to life twice, granted the second time cost her her life, but she did the impossible.

There’s nothing in New Orleans that would make Bonnie take a trip to the Quarter, so this is just a nice fantasy for ‘TVD’ and ‘Originals’ fans. But wouldn’t this be an amazing crossover?!

It’s more likely that Stefan or Caroline could take a trip to New Orleans. It would be kind of cool to see Ripper Stefan and Caroline partner up with Klaus. Would Klaus even like Caroline without her humanity? Enzo prefers the real Caroline.

What other ‘TVD’/’Originals’ crossovers would you like to see?


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