‘The Originals’: Dahlia Has a Thousand Eyes

Dahlia is proving to be very powerful.

Dahlia is proving to be very powerful.

Dahlia has arrived and she’s the scariest villain we’ve seen yet. She observed them by taking control of the people in the town to spy on them. Jackson was even taken. All Jackson felt was darkness and after that, he didn’t trust the Mikaelsons to protect Hope and Hayley.

Elijah was also working on another plan. Marcel and him went to Josephine to cast a spell to a place that wouldn’t allow magic. Marcel would escort Hayley, Hope and Jackson that night.

Klaus was also working on a plan. He joined forces with Mikael. Klaus used his father’s love for Freya to get him to help.

They then took the soil of Scandinavia, Viking’s ashes and Freya’s blood binded it to a knife to use as a weapon.

Klaus used Davina to cast the spell. He also used her to find Mikael. Davina was getting Kol’s remains in return.

Everyone was trying to figure out a new way to protect themselves and destroy Dahlia.

Freya tried to use Jackson to track Dahlia’s magic, but Rebekah saw that Dahlia was drawing power from Freya, which we already knew. So I’m not sure why that was a surprise. Rebekah sent Freya away and Elijah was not happy about this. The one person that understood Dahlia’s magic.

Freya was wandering around the Quarter when her aunt found her. Dahlia called her selfish and ungrateful.

If you were wondering if Freya was telling the truth, the fear in her eyes told it all. She went straight to Elijah and Rebekah to warn them afterwards. Klaus and their father was her next target.

She would lure them into a place where mass murder happened. Where else would that be, but the church.

I didn't expect Mikael to be killed off again so soon.

I didn’t expect Mikael to be killed off again so soon.

Dahlia was prepared and used more people to fight them. Klaus and Mikael of course had no problem killing them, but Dahlia was more powerful and put Kluas and Mikael almost in the brink of sleep, like a dagger would do. Freya showed up and begged her aunt to stop. Elijah fed his brother his blood. Klaus was back to full speed and sped to Dahlia with the knife, but she was too quick.

She vanished and took the knife with her. She reappeared with the knife. All she wants is Hope, what she believes is rightfully her’s and will spare them if they give her Hope. She leaves them be to think on their fate.

Jackson had asked Aiden to help them run, but Aiden was also working for Klaus. He now had a hard choice to make, betray Klaus or Jackson. Klaus would kill him, but Jackson is a longtime friend. Josh knew Aiden spoke to Klaus that morning and asked what was going on and helped Aiden figure out how to handle it.

Marcel came to pick up Hayley, Hope and Jackson, but they were gone. Aiden was off in a car looking like he didn’t know what to do or mad at himself for betraying Jackson. He ended up telling Jackson there was traffic and he bought it.

Marcel found Hayley, Hope and Jackson and took them to safety.

Klaus, Mikael and Freya were all rattled by the failure. They needed to get all the ingredients again to form another weapon.

Klaus struck out at Mikael and Freya panicked. Elijah had to hold her back. You could see the hurt in Klaus’ eyes for all the pain his father has caused. He asks Mikael why he resented him and Mikael replied with, I just did. Mikael tells Freya he loves her before Klaus kills him.

They now have their Viking’s ashes.

Next week Klaus is losing it. Take a look at the promo:

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