‘Gotham’: Is Gordon the Hunter or the Prey?

Has Gordon gone too far in his quest to clean up Gotham?

Has Gordon gone too far in his quest to clean up Gotham?

If we didn’t know where Gordon’s story led, we would think his ambition and need to clean up Gotham City would be the end of him. It certainly seems like he’s headed down that path. Even after finding out he was set up, he doesn’t drop the case. He’s physically incapable of letting any cases go.

Gordon thought that he was actually making a difference. Officer Moore came up to him saying he had a reputation for closing cases and wanted to be apart of cleaning up Gotham. Then Moore gave him a case of a young murdered girl, Grace. She was found two weeks ago and went missing four months ago. Moore had sufficiently stroked Gordon’s ego and of course said he would look into the case.

Lee liked that Gordon was looking into the case. The girl was from her neighborhood. Grace was last seen at a bar in South Village. The previous detectives had looked into it, but didn’t get any leads. Lee told Gordon there’s speakeasies in South Village.

Harvey wanted nothing to do with the case. They had a full case load as it was. Their questioning led them to a bartender that had seen the victim with a hot date. It wasn’t much, but Gordon was hooked on the case. He wasn’t going to let it go.

Lee did an autopsy on the body. She said it wasn’t badly beaten like most victims after missing for that amount of time. Other than stab wounds, the body was pristine. Harvey believed the girl ran away herself and it had nothing to do with her murder. Gordon didn’t believe that. He knew in his gut that she was kidnapped and held until the murderer was ready to kill.

Meanwhile Nygma was looking for the missing piece of evidence and he found it. A photo copy of a hand painted broken heart. Harvey suddenly knew who the murderer was. It was GCPD’s dirty little secret. He was a serial killer that had killed a dozen or more young girls. Most people called him the Ogre. He was known to kill loved ones of detectives that investigated him.

Milo Ventimiglia may be playing a sick villain, but he's still as sexy as ever.

Milo Ventimiglia may be playing a sick villain, but he’s still as sexy as ever.

Harvey questioned why this got on Gordon’s radar. He told him an officer brought it to him and Harvey asked which one. When they questioned Moore, he confessed that Commissioner Loeb ordered him to. Loeb knew exactly what to say to get Gordon to take the case.

Harvey tried to get Gordon to drop it. Gordon said he couldn’t let a serial killer roam free, the next victim’s blood would be on his hands. Harvey said the next victim could be Lee.

Gordon isn’t dropping the case and he told Loeb that very loudly in the middle of the police station and then he said he was coming after him. I think the Ogre will know Gordon’s on to him now.

Milo Ventimiglia has entered the world of ‘Gotham’ as Jason, a.k.a The Ogre, and we got to see exactly how he attracts his prey.

He went on a lovely date with Grace. He told her he was looking for unconditional, real intense love. This might actually be true. Of course this hooked Grace. She went back to his apartment and spent the night, but when she went to leave in the morning, he wouldn’t let her. He held her captive making her cook. She overcooked the lamb and when she started to cry explaining, he said it wasn’t working and that’s when he killed her.

We will be seeing more of Milo in the coming weeks.

Fish was planning her escape from the beginning of the episode. She scoped out the helicopter and boat, she even made it outside to find the Catchers. Then she went down to Kelly, the man she sacrificed, and said they were going to escape. She was almost caught when she stole the keys to the helicopter. She told Dullmacher she was going to slit her own throat because of the nightmare she has about the man made of various body parts. He didn’t completely believe her, but let her off with a warning.

Fish used the stone cold killers in the basement as a decoy. When she went back to get Kelly, Dullmacher caught her, luckily the gate was opening and the people attacked the doctor. They had to hurry. They got to the helicopter as the killers were being shot by the catchers. They were almost home free, but Fish was shot.

Bruce was determined to find Reggie. Alfred was going to do it, but he wasn’t well. Bruce enlisted Kat to help find him. He was looking at gun ranges, because he thought that’s what a shooting gallery was.

Kat took him to actual shooting gallery and there was Reggie, drugged out of him mind, which made him an easy target. At first Reggie wouldn’t tell Bruce who hired him. Then he told him Mathis and Bunderslaw and Bunderslaw was the man he dealt with. They wanted to know how far Bruce had gotten in his investigation. He never meant to stab Alfred, but he walked in when he was taking the documents. Bruce and Kat got the information by threatening to throw his drugs out the window. After they got the information, Kat dropped it anyways. Reggie said he would tell on them and there would be nothing they could do. The drugs were caught on the window and Bruce wanted to push him, but didn’t have it in him, so Kat pushed Reggie out the window.

Penguin is plotting his murder of Maroni. He bought a bar, just for that task. He had to get the owners granddaughter to come home and leave her guitar playing boyfriend behind. An easy task for Oswald.

On a fun note, Penguin crossed behind Bruce when he was at a gun range. This is the first time they’ve been in proximity of each other and it appeared the Penguin felt a chill or something. I love when ‘Gotham’ does things like this!

Next week the Ogre knows Gordon is on to him. Take a look at the promo:

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