‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Love Does Crazy Things

Just another great crazy case to add to the list.

Just another great crazy case to add to the list.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is known for it’s crazy medical emergencies and this week a man comes in with his penis cut off. It seems crazy, but when you think of everything else that’s happened on ‘Grey’s’, it just seems normal.

April was working on the patient, Stephanie was working on the penis and Richard was teaching interns. April wanted to call Catherine and of course Richard said no. April did it anyways. She wanted the very best for her patient.

Catherine and April had a little emotional moment before they got down to work. Jackson and Catherine were very impressed with Stephanie’s work on the appendage. Catherine even let Stephanie participate in the surgery. She called it above average work, her highest complement. She wanted Stephanie to come her fellow and Stephanie was almost going to go.

The man first had his penis cut off by his wife. Then he took his wife back. They had an agreement, waitresses and hostesses only. He had slept with his sou chef. His sou chef was so brokenhearted that he took back his wife, so she cut his penis off. Stephanie ran after the woman and grabbed gloves. She followed the woman into the bathroom and persuaded her to give her the penis.

Catherine and Stephanie had to go back to work to attach the penis back to the man.

Ben and Jo were just amazed at the story and her going to Boston, but she doesn’t want that specialty, she doesn’t know what she wants, but she doesn’t want that.

Richard was not happy with April for brining Catherine there. He confronted her about it. She said she wanted the best for her patient, the two of them were good together and she’s her mother-in-law so she’ll call her whenever she wants. Richard said, “understood” and walked away.

He then went to go see Catherine and apologized for hurting her and wanted to give them another try. He said they’ll probably both hurt each other, but it’s worth the risk. Then they kiss.

Amelia isn’t having as much luck with relationships. She came home to find Derek and Meredith still home. She spent the night at Owen’s and he walks in because she left her phone in his car. She had told her brother about Owen, but not Meredith.

Meredith told her to be careful where Owen was concerned. She’s looking out for Owen per Cristina, but said it was for both of their sakes.

Callie and Amelia were working on a case together. They had a teenager with a misaligned spine, who played golf. Amelia thought she could fix it and still let her play golf. Callie had another approach. They argued about this approach, then Owen weighed in. He chose Amelia’s option.

Meredith thought they were going live happily ever after, but where is Derek?

Meredith thought they were going live happily ever after, but where is Derek?

When Amalia got in the O.R. she realized the defect was worse and her approach wasn’t going to work. Ben had to find Callie pronto or the girl would be paralyzed. Callie came in and they had to flip the girl so she could access the spin through the abdomen.

They then argued about what to do and were giving Ben different directions. He said he’s seen many good surgeons argue over approaches and he can’t do both at the same time, they needed to decide. Callie and Amelia quickly talked it through. And were going to put Ben on scut for talking to them like that.

After the surgery, Amelia lost it with Owen. She said it was a mistake and if they didn’t have a personal relationship, the girl would be better off.

She can’t play golf again, but with therapy she’ll be able to walk and even run again. Callie didn’t blame Amelia for the outcome, it was just because it was worse than they thought. They did everything they could for her.

Amelia told Meredith that she didn’t really know her or what she’s been through. Or what it’s like to claw yourself back from losing the love of your life and be sitting over his dead body. She said to cut her some slack and “back the hell off.”

Maggie was having some own relationship woes. She went on a date with Ethan and now he’s ignoring her. She tried to talk to Alex about it, but he just walked away. Then she spoke to Ethan about it. He responded with all she does it talk and that’s all she did on the date and she ordered for him and she paid.

She went to Alex with this and he said there was nothing wrong with her, there was something wrong with him. He was intimidated by her. And that she was really funny.

This prompted her to go back to Ethan and said she was nervous and that’s why she talked so much. She calls it bringing the thunder, so no one knows how scared she really is. He responded with, next time he’ll bring the thunder. And by the end of the episode she was going out with him again.

Meredith’s marriage seems to be at an all time high, with lots of sex in the morning and Derek wanting more. But he had to go back to D.C. to turn in his last report and resign. Later Derek gets a call at the hospital. It was given to the other Shepherd. Amelia hands it over to Meredith. Derek never showed up to his meeting. Where’s Derek?

Meredith can’t get a hold of Derek next week. Take a look at the promo:

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