‘Bones’: The Baker Blown to Bits

The three new victims provided evidence the first victim couldn't.

The 3 new victims provided evidence the first victim couldn’t.

Most cases on ‘Bones’ start with someone finding the remains, but this time we got to see how the victim died. Connor was running from a man with a knife and ended up in a blast zone, where he got blown up.

It was certainly a crazy way to start an episode. The remains were hardly recognizable, but they could discern that there was only one victim and male. Then Cam made a discovery of a tattoo. They could barely make it out. Cam said she would rehydrate the skin and then Angela could see if she could reconstruct the image.

Arastoo was asked to reconstruct the flattened skull and at first he thought it was a joke, but Brennan never jokes.

Hodgins discovered the tattoo was made with the same recipe that’s common with prison tattoos. This made it easy for Angela to identify the victim. She searched his tattoo in a database of convict tattoos and identified the man.

Aubrey checked out the victim’s apartment and found his girlfriend taking a shower.  She want not happy with Aubrey’s entrance. Sabrina couldn’t believe that Connor was dead. When asked about why she didn’t report him missing she said so his parol officer wouldn’t find out.

Apparently the guy worked at a bakery that turned his life around. Brennan and Booth took a trip to the bakery and found all the employees were ex-cons. The owner, Roger, said his father was an ex-con and it was hard on his family, so he helps them out so they can support their families.

Connor was in prison for attempted murder. He was the driver in a robbery of a connivence store. A clerk got shot and her brother, Pemberton, had came into the bakery and threatened Connor.

When Pemberton was questioned he confessed to following Connor with a camera so he could catch him screwing up, but he didn’t kill the victim.

Cam discovered that the victim was so exhausted his muscles were about to give out and said he was running for 30 minutes. This gave Angela an estimate of the area Connor could have traveled. Cam also found opiates in the victim’s system. The victim was drugged to be subdued, but he was able to run at top speeds for 30 minutes and break his restrains.

It turns out the victim had been taking drugs, this brought them back around to the girlfriend. Sabrina first claimed she didn’t know he was on drugs, but came clean. He was going through their money and she told him she wanted nothing to do with the drugs.

Booth questioned one of the employees at the bakery and found out Connor was about to do a robbery. The guy wanted nothing to do with it because he didn’t want to get fired. Though he also noted that Roger “invented rose colored glasses”. Roger’s belief in his employees kept showing through in the episode. The employee also mentioned Connor had an inside man.

Angela went through the victim’s bank records and found mostly payments to parking meters and for food. He spent an average of two and half hours in front of a checking cash place. The assistant manager of the places was his girlfriend.

Further questioning of the girlfriend proved that she was asked to leave the door open, but said no. She didn’t report him missing because they got in a fight over it and he left. She didn’t think it mattered to tell the police, but she didn’t want his accomplice to think she was a snitch. It was another guy from the bakery.

Roger was questioned again, but was willing to go to jail for impeding an investigation. He didn’t believe that any of his workers could have done this.

Arastoo has decided to go back to Iran to help his brother through cancer. He never let Cam have a say on his decision. It's also dangerous for Arastoo to go back. He turned his back on the regime when he became an American citizen. He doesn't know what the future holds for him or CAm, but he can't leave his brother alone to die.

Arastoo has decided to go back to Iran to help his brother through cancer. He never let Cam have a say on his decision. It’s also dangerous for Arastoo to go back. He turned his back on the regime when he became an American citizen. He doesn’t know what the future holds for him or Cam, but he can’t leave his brother alone to die.

All of the particulates and Angela’s border of where the victim could have run, led them to a warehouse. Aubrey and Booth checked the building out. They found blood and three other bodies with their tattoos removed.

All the victims were burned at different amounts of time and months apart. Angela identified one as a priest and another as a convict that was in the same prison as Connor.

Then Aubrey found that the Priest worked at a parish that Alex, the assistant manger at the bakery, was an alter boy as a kid. The second victim was cells mates with Alex.

The weapon is identified as a Northern Indian Ritualistic knife that can be found in Afghanistan and Alex was stationed there.

Booth questioned Roger again and he still didn’t want to give them anything, until he heard the new evidence. He then told them that Alex hadn’t come into work and wasn’t answering his calls.

Roger set a meet with Alex and let Booth and Aubrey know. Roger confessed to Alex that the police wanted to question him, still believing he was innocent. Alex gets angry and pushed Roger up against the car as Aubrey and Booth are closing in.

Booth takes the shot to demobilize Alex. Aubrey pulls the knife out of the car and it’s the knife in question.

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