‘Nashville’ The Hardest Days Seem to be the Longest

Welcome to the family little Barnes-Barkley!

Welcome to the family little baby girl Barnes-Barkley!

Juliette and Avery’s baby is finally here, but we’ll have to wait till next week to see what name fans voted on for the little girl.

Juliette’s hormones were in overdrive this week. She was having tantrum after tantrum. She canceled her baby shower because no one, except her employees, were going to show up. Even Rayna had to cancel. She didn’t think anyone cared about her and blew up at her manager, assistant and even Rayna. When Rayna blew up at Juliette, her water broke.

She thought she was being punished because of the pain and the fact that Avery wasn’t there. He was on tour with Scarlett and Gunnar, but he stopped the bus and got off as soon as he received word that his daughter was on the way. He made it just in time for the birth of their child.

Avery is so grown up now. He’s managing Juliette’s hormones, dealing with Gunnar and Scarlett’s quarrel and not to mention, becoming a father. He’s come a long way.

If only Scarlett and Gunnar could get it together. I still hope that they will find their way back to each other, but it sounds like Scarlett was hurt more than she let on by Zoey and Gunnar’s relationship. It seemed like she accepted their relationship. Gunnar claimed it would have never have happened if she wouldn’t have turned down his proposal. She turned it down because he was in a bad place, but waited for him to come back to her for the right reasons. He moved on to Zoey and now she’s moved on too.

Avery had to leave the two of them to do the next show and told them to work it out. Scarlett decided that meant not talking to him. So Gunnar decided to make her listen through a song and such an incredible performance. I don’t care what Scarlett says, the chemistry is still there, she’s just too hurt to admit it.

The magic is clearly still there between Gunnar and Scarlett.

The magic is clearly still there between Gunnar and Scarlett.

Rayna had a hard night telling her children that Deacon has cancer and then she wakes up to a major crisis to handle. As we saw last week, Sadie shot her ex-husband Pete. The episode opened with Sadie and Luke being interrogated by a detective.

Things weren’t looking good for Sadie. There were no witnesses, she had an unregistered firearm and recently went on TV saying she wouldn’t let her ex-husband get away with what he’s done. The evidence didn’t look good, even though she didn’t shoot him intentionally.

Later in the episode the detective called Sadie to tell her the D.E.A. wasn’t going to press charges and the firearm charge had been lowered to a misdemeanor. I was actually a little surprised that they made a decision so quickly, after they said it was an ongoing homicide investigation.

It turns out Luke lied to the detective and said he was a witness. He told Sadie it was the right thing to do.

Sadie is in a bad state. She told Rayna she has to sort herself out and she’s going home to do it. Luke was surprised to hear she was leaving town. It’s almost like he expected them to act on the feelings before the incident.

Now Luke is being bombarded by press about what his relationship is with Sadie.

While Rayna was dealing with Sadie and Juliette, Deacon was trying to get Maddie to talk to him. She locked herself in Scarlett’s room and called Teddy to come get her.

Deacon was not happy that Teddy showed up. Deacon confessed to Teddy that he has cancer and Maddie wouldn’t talk to him about it. Teddy for once respected Deacon as a father and gave him some good advice, and even talked to Maddie about it.

Maddie finally opened up to Deacon that she’s angry, not at him or anyone, she’s just so angry. Deacon said that her shutting him out would be worse than cancer.

After dealing with Maddie, he now has to face his cancer again. It’s time for him to get an M.R.I. and see if the tumor has grown. I’m really sacred it has.

Maddie made her other father promise he wouldn’t get sick and Teddy tells her he’s not going anywhere. But that’s only if he can cover up his mistakes. He has to get the money for Natasha, so she can leave town or he’ll lose everything. He blackmails Harris to get the money. Can he really sweep this under the rug?

Next week Christina Aguilera is heading to ‘Nashville’! Take a look at the promo:

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