‘The Originals’: To Save a Sister, Klaus had to Become Vulnerable

To save his sister, he weakened himself.

To save his sister, he weakened himself.

The Mikaelson family has always been complicated and Klaus has always had trust issues, but now those trust issues may cost him his siblings.

Freya seeing into Klaus’ mind didn’t show exactly what Klaus was afraid of. It showed Freya that he will never trust her, so in turn she will turn everyone against him. Her glimpse into his mind also showed her how to do it.

Ester was right about something, that he shouldn’t have let her in, but he was sacrificing himself for Rebekah.

I don’t know if Freya can tear them apart. After all that Klaus has done, Elijah and Rebekah are still by his side. It will take a lot to break that bond. Hayley on the other hand, would probably be easy.

Ester won’t be around to see the possible destruction of her son, Freya killed her. I can see why Klaus put magic resistant chains on her.  She has a lot of anger towards Ester and she has good reason. Klaus and Freya have been deeply hurt and have the emotional scars to show for it.

Rebekah finally has control of Eva’s body, but it wasn’t easy. Eva had taken complete control and snapped Marcel’s neck after waking up and attempted to take Hope. Eva was able to hold off Hayley and Klaus, but wasn’t able to capture Hope, but Eva did get away.

Klaus put Marcel on finding her and Elijah and Hayley to renegotiating another deal with Josephine. The only problem was that all the witches would be looking for Eva too.

Hayley was wondering what Klaus would be doing while they were doing the “dirty work”.

What Eva didn't realize was that she was the one being played.

What Eva didn’t realize was that she was the one being played.

He was finding a way to get Rebekah back in her body. He went to Freya, but it was too late. The situation was much more complicated now that Rebekah was lost in Eva’s mind.

She didn’t have a spell for getting her out. There was one person in their family that would know the spell, Ester.

Of course now that she’s a vampire, Klaus was able to compel the spell from her.

It wasn’t a nice reunion for mother and daughter though. Freya hates Ester for putting her into slavery when she was five years old. Ester was shocked to see her first born was still alive.

Ester gave them the spell, but it wasn’t a spell Freya could do without an anchor, so she came up with the idea of using Klaus. He didn’t want her to see all of his secrets to give to Dahlia, but Elijah volunteered to be the anchor to save his sister. His negotiations didn’t work well with Josephine. She didn’t mind sacrificing Rebekah to stop Eva.

Marcel did a little bit better. He went to Vincent for help. They tracked down Eva and then it appeared that Vincent had traded sides, but he was just gaining Eva’s trust to find out where the children were. She had also tricked him, well so she thought. She told Vincent that the kids didn’t have to die, even know they did have to die for the spell.

She was sacrificing nine witches from the nine covens to form a new more powerful coven to take over the city.

Vincent knocked Eva out, but that’s when he discovered all the kids were linked to her and if she died, they died.

Marcel and Vincent were going into Eva’s mind to find Rebekah, but Freya told Marcel that he couldn’t kill Eva until he found Rebekah and he would be vulnerable to death too.

Marcel found Rebekah first, but Eva wasn’t far behind. He told Rebekah to run and Eva tried to kill him. Vincent found them, but she also tried to kill him. It ended up being Rebekah who killed Eva.

Things were going badly till Klaus came and offered himself up as a second anchor.

They all made it out alive, well except for Eva. Klaus wanted to get Rebekah back into her body, but the kids were still linked to Eva’s body and Rebekah didn’t want the kids to die and she didn’t want Davina to die. She also still wants to bring Kol back.

Rebekah isn’t worried about what Freya saw in his mind and gave Klaus a rare thank you.

Rebekah is safe now, but none of them are really safe. Josephine saw Dahlia coming when she looked into Hayley’s future. The witch didn’t know it was Dahlia, but all she saw was darkness and said Hayley should be afraid.

There’s no more time to wait, Dahlia will arrive next week. Take a look at the promo:

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