‘The Following’: The Hunt for a Ghost

Ryan is having a hard time letting go of Joe. He has a nightmare about two things he thought he left behind, Joe and alcohol.

Ryan is having a hard time letting go of Joe. He has a nightmare about two things he thought he left behind, Joe and alcohol.

Do we know Strauss’ best student’s name now? He was called Sam at the end of the episode. Is that his name or is it an alias?

Ryan is so smart at catching these guys. I don’t know why they won’t listen to him. His gut says that Tucker isn’t the guy and he’s right. Sam has framed yet another guy and killed a lot of people trying to cover his tracks. I’m assuming when they find Tucker, he’ll be dead. Then what? Sam is still hidden and Nick will think they have their man.

The episode started out with more deaths. Duncan was being transported and Sam hacked into their computer and rerouted them. Then he turned off their car. When Corey went to check out what the problem was, he was killed. Jillian got out to see what the problem was and she was also killed. Then Sam took Duncan. He needed his help in tying up some loose ends.

Ryan went to see Joe again. Joe doesn’t know who Strauss’ best student is and assumed it was him.

Arthur kept his prodigies separate from each other. That apparently went out the window when he used his students to get him out of jail.

While Joe is talking to Ryan, Joe found out that he will be killed in seven days. He gets to choose injection or electric chair.

At the crime scene of the two cops they assume that Duncan lied about knowing Sam. Ryan told them what Joe said about Arthur keeping his students separate. So the next assumption was Sam needed Duncan.

Nick gets put in charge of Ryan again, pending Gina’s hearing. He wants to restore order to the office. He said it’s a new era of transparency and Ryan should think about if he fits into it.

Max is easing back into duty, but she’s only fit for desk duty. She tried to practice at the gun range, but she can’t hit the target and she’s still in pain. She’s working on the fake Clarke email and told Ryan that they are close to making a break.

Mike interrupted Ryan and Max with a lead. They had a break on the passports that were found on Strauss. They lead back to an office in Queens. The employee in charge of inventory has been suspended for negligence. His name is Luis.

Luis was playing cards with friends and he left before Sam and Duncan arrived. He just missed them. Sam killed his friends trying to find where he was.

Ryan and Mike walk into a blood bath. Ryan felt like they were always two steps behind.

Meanwhile Agent Sloan told Max that she nailed how the hacker got in, from off site, Manatech.

Nick told Sloan to go check it out, but Max wanted to stick with it too. So Nick okays it.

Just as Max is getting close to Sam, he gets alerted and left Duncan to deal with Luis so he cold cover his tracks at the tech company.

Max set up a team of employees to seek Sam out. It turns out Sam is an employee at the company. He was only supposed to work a few days this month, but he had something come up, he told a colleague.

Max meets their man and doesn't even know it.

Max meets their mystery man and doesn’t even know it.

First Sam framed Collins. Max arrested him, but the intern, Kent, came forward with an alibi. Kent and Max try to figure out who framed Collins, but the server goes off line. Kent went to check it out. When Kent didn’t come back, Max went to go see what was wrong. She found his body and right as she found him, the lights went out. She called right away for back-up. They showed up just in time. Sam was right behind her ready to stab her.

Duncan had burned the evidence and was about to kill Luis, but Sam needed him to do one more job.

This last job gave Ryan and Mike enough time to show up before Luis ended up dead. They get Luis in custody and went after Duncan. Duncan shot Ryan with a shot gun and Ryan went down hard. He got back up and shot Duncan before he could get another shot off.

They find a passport and asked Luis if that was the guy, but Luis had never seen Sam’s face. The guy on the passport is Tucker, another guy Sam framed.

This week Tom and Mike also had some confrontations. In the stairway, Tom bumped into Mike purposely. Mike asked him if he had a problem, and Tom replied with, other than leaving his girlfriend to die. Mike told him it was a mistake and Tom said he makes a lot of those. Ryan came in before it went any further.

Right before their raid they had another confrontation when Ryan was asking for them to take one of them alive and Tom said if they shoot at his team, they take them out. He doesn’t put his guys in danger.

Ryan is having a hard time letting go of Joe. At the end of the episode he had a dream about the two of them drinking and playing pool together. Joe told him he believed in him and was his true north.

Ryan is determined to let go of Joe and next week he decline’s Joe’s invitation to his execution. Take a look at the promo:

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