‘Supernatural’: Bobby Will Always Be Their Inside Man

Bobby is pulled back in. I guess hunters never retire.

Bobby is pulled back in. I guess hunters never retire.

My only complaint about Bobby’s return was I wanted to see more of him.

What we did see of him was great and thank you to the writers for getting him to say idgits! Only true ‘Supernatural’ fans will understand why I wanted Jim Beaver to call Sam and Dean idgits, and for a bonus he called Cass one too!

Dean is not doing well at all. He was screaming in the middle of that night. Sam got out of bed and came running with his gun, but he found a sleeping Dean having a nightmare.

The next morning he was on the phone with Cass and setting up a meeting. He lied to Dean telling him he was going to go see a French movie, one that Dean would never want to see.

Sam met Cass and they formulated a plan to get information about the mark.

They tried to get into heaven to see Metatron, but Cass wasn’t aloud in. So they had to come up with a plan B. They were going to break him out of heaven.

Sam and Cass found a guy that use to work with the Men of Letters. They asked him for help in contacting Bobby.

Bobby was shocked to hear Sam’s voice and of course he was going to help, even though he said he was a little rusty. I didn’t see anything rusty about him though.

He got out of his heaven and not long after the alarm went off, so he let all the other Bobby’s out and apparently there has been a lot of Bobbys.

When the angels come to get them under control, there’s so much chaos that Bobby can slip away.

He finds the door to earth and opens it and Cass jumps in. Bobby asks Cass where Dean is and Cass tries to avoid the subject, he’s sick, he’s resting. Bobby pushes the subject. Cass comes clean and says Dean doesn’t know what they are doing and that he’s given up.

This hat symbolizes a great character. When Sam pulled it out, it brought back a lot of memories.

This hat symbolizes a great character. When Sam pulled it out, it brought back a lot of memories.

They get Metatron and break him out. Metatron thinks he has the control, but Cass takes his grace. Now Sam and Cass are in control and Sam shoots Metatron, now a mortal.

But Metatron knows nothing about getting rid of the mark, he lied before. He did say it was old magic, Lucifer level magic and you can’t ask Lucifer.

It almost seemed like all of this was for nothing, but Metatron tells them there’s still some of Cass’ grace left. So Cass takes Metatron to get it.

Bobby was able to get a nice letter to Sam. He thinks Sam should tell Dean what he’s doing. It was a nice letter. It almost made up for not enough Bobby. Sam needed those words to help him carry on this mission.

Bobby is going to be in big trouble though, but he’s happy he got to talk to Sam and help the boys out again.

Dean had a very interesting day. He went to a bar and ended up hustling some college boys, which was way too easy, but it was an easy $300.

After he took their money, he walked into the bathroom and his eyes went black for a split second, that can’t be good, but there’s still hope.

Rowena put a spell on the boys and they attacked Dean. He came really close to killing the guy he played pool with, but refrained. He fought back the guys, but never killed them. He’s learning control.

Rowena tries to do some fancy spell, but it fails. So she tries blackmail against Dean to save the guys. I’m not sure if those college boys are okay, but Rowena was very unhappy when she returned home. She beat herself up and told Crowley Dean did it.

Crowley could care less. He called her stupid that with the mark Dean lashes out. Rowena said there is a way to remove the mark, but she doesn’t know what it is. She pleads with him to deal with Dean, meaning kill him.

Crowley does go to see Dean, but doesn’t kill him. He finds out his mother lied to him. Dean agrees with Crowley that he’s getting soft and gives him a little lesson on what family is all about. I’m glad that these two are still on good terms. I love when Crowley and Dean are on screen together.

Crowley goes home to kick his mother out and try to get some of his mojo back. Rowena actually seems pretty upset. Maybe she did really care about her son, even though she’s been manipulating him since day one.

‘Supernatural’ will be back April 15 and so will Charlie! She has the Book of the Damned. Take a look at the promo:

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