‘The Following’: ‘The Father of Serial Killers’ is on the Loose

"Real or not, nothing has changed. You chose hunting Mark over me and you would do it again, wouldn't you? - Max

“Real or not, nothing has changed. You chose hunting Mark over me and you would do it again, wouldn’t you? – Max

When Mike tried to talk to Max about what happened, she said: “Nothing has changed. You chose hunting Mark over me and you would do it again, wouldn’t you?” She just didn’t know how right she was.

Max and Mike had Strauss in custody and Mike ran after Mark, leaving Max alone. Daisy came from behind and hit Max over the head with a pipe and hit her even when she was down. Daisy and Strauss are in the wind.

Max is in the hospital with a concussion and internal injuries. She’ll be fine, but once again Mike chose Mark over Max. I wanted these two to make it work, but until Mike grieve’s the loss of his father, they can never make it work. He’s still at the anger stage and killing Mark isn’t going to bring back his father, just like Ryan said. Mark may have gotten away, but Ryan saved Mike from himself.

Their lies are really catching up with them and while it was Strauss’s plan to discredit them, keeping silent isn’t doing anyone any good.

Mike tells Ryan that he would have done the same thing if he was chasing after Joe and it really hit Ryan hard.

Mike tells Ryan that he would have done the same thing if he was chasing after Joe and it really hit Ryan hard.

Carrie Cooke is now dead and her security detail too. Plus now Strauss tells them that he has more followers than Joe, now there’s a really scary thought.

Can catching Kyle and numerous dead bodies mean nothing? I get that it was too late for Strauss’s trial, but can’t that at least help Ryan, Max and Mike? I mean the key witness showing up dead is pretty suspicious, right? Maybe if Kyle was still alive, catching him might have meant something. But Kyle made sure to be killed, not that he was ever going to talk anyways. It was sweet that his last word was “Daisy”. I’m still very curious how these two got mixed up in all of this.

The fake email that was put into evidence during the trial turned up on the F.B.I server like it was there all along. It is supposed to be impossible to do that. The evidence is pilling up against Ryan, Mike and Max. Gina gave them one last chance to prove a connection between Strauss and Daisy.

Mike caught on to the fact that Strauss’s paralegal went to visit him in jail the most and just paid off 100 grand in debt. Why couldn’t anyone else have discovered that before? Max told them to dig deeper. Mike seemed to have no problem finding it. Unfortunately, Mark had already gotten to her. His split personality of Luke had him follow Daisy and Kyle, and it led him straight to Juliana. When she was faced with death either by Mark or Strauss, she told Mark what he wanted to know, where Strauss was. Plus Mark also lay a trap for Ryan, Max and Mike.

Ryan knew it was too easy finding where Strauss was, he just couldn’t figure out why.

Joe is back!

Joe is back!

They caught Strauss and Daisy easily, but Mark was waiting with a sniper and at the last second Ryan saw the red dot on Mike and jumped on him before he was shot.

Ryan told Mike to stay with Max and go after Strauss while he went after Mark. Mike didn’t like that very much, but Ryan pushed it. Max and Mike caught Strauss and that’s when Mike saw Mark and ran after him.

Ryan caught up with Mike and Mark before Mike did anything stupid. He had just promised Gina he wouldn’t cross the line, but by the sounds of it, he always planned on killing Mark.

Ryan told Mike that shooting Mark wouldn’t bring his father back or take away the pain. Mike replied by saying he didn’t care. Ryan said that he cared and Max cared. There was a second where it looked like Mike would put down the gun, he started to put down the gun, but put it back up again. Ryan begged Mike to put down the gun, “Mike! Mike! You’re a good man. Don’t let him strip that from you.”

Mike finally put down the gun and in that moment Mark took the opportunity to jump over board. Mike started shooting at him and shooting at the water. He was furious with Ryan for letting Mark get away and not letting him kill him.

Not long after, Ryan was furious with Mike for leaving Max. He said, we take care of our own. Then Mike said something to Ryan that really struck him, that Ryan would have done the same thing if he was chasing after Joe.

Ryan wanted to make it right, but he didn’t know how, he didn’t think he could. Gwen told him about a man she wasn’t able to save. She brought the man back three times and the last time she couldn’t. She told Ryan that tomorrow she would try just as hard with the next patient.

So “the father of serial killers” is on the lo0se and he has an unknown number of followers, that will kill Ryan and Max if he ends up back in jail. Ryan does the one thing he’s refused to do, go see Joe.

In the mean time what does this mean for Ryan, Mike and Max? Are they suspended? They didn’t find any hard evidence other than their word that Strauss and Daisy are connected. Will Mike’s bad decision ruin all of their careers?

Next week Joe is back and he’s helping find Strauss. It sounds like Strauss’s new student is worse than Joe. Take a look at the promo:

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