‘Revenge’: With Loss Brings More Revenge

David asks Emily to end the cycle of revenge. Emily said she didn't start it, but David said she can end it.

David asks Emily to end the cycle of revenge. Emily said she didn’t start it, but David said she can end it.

Is is just me or did Margaux do this to herself? Especially after what her henchman said: “I think it’s time we took that step to end this before she does.”

Before Margaux tried to ruin Jack’s life I wouldn’t have thought she would stoop this low with her vendetta against Emily.

I said last week I used to really like Margaux, but with this latest stunt, I think she’s worse than Victoria and now she has Victoria backing her.

I wasn’t 100% sure if she could have really jeopardized her own baby until she told Victoria that Emily had pushed her.

Margaux is very smart though. She knew that Victoria would renew her feud with Emily if Victoria thought that Emily endangered her grandchild or in this case, even killed the baby.

Victoria won’t see reasoning after what Margaux told her and Emily knows this.

Emily took her father’s words to heart, to end this. Emily genuinely tried to call a truce, but Margaux wouldn’t listen to her.

Victoria and Margaux are gong to make a very dangerous team.

Victoria and Margaux are gong to make a very dangerous team.

There has been a lot of collateral damage with Emily’s journey to clear her father’s name and this may be the worst one yet. Margaux is not the woman she use to be and there’s no coming back from what she’s done. But I don’t know if Emily knows that Margaux is behind this elaborate rouse. She didn’t think it was possible that Margaux would strike at Jack, until she saw it with her own eyes. Will she believe this?

Jack had a really tough time trying to clear his name and keep Carl. The social worker had concerns about the environment Jack had made for Carl. The judge wouldn’t let the blood sample into evidence after it had been found. They knew that Margaux was behind this, but what they didn’t know was that it was the judge that had been bought, not the cop.

Jack’s drink had been spiked with something that made him appear to be drunk on a breathalyzer, but he wasn’t actually drunk.

The judge had taken bribes from LeMarchal publications. She got endorsements in the papers and she ruined Jack’s life in the process.

Emily went back to basics with blackmail. She had the judge’s drink spiked and had her pulled over and she didn’t pass the breathalyzer. Emily then threatened to out the bribes she took. Of course the judge tested the blood and dropped all charges. I think this blackmail was less of a black mark than what she did previously. She just let an innocent man off, whereas before she was about to send an innocent man to jail to get re-elected.

Margaux thinks that Emily took out Lyman, when he was just a tragic accident of bad choices. I was a little surprised about how good of a liar Louise was, but I guess coming from her family that shouldn’t have been a surprise.

She didn’t lie when it came to Nolan though. She came clean with him. I feel bad for Louise because she didn’t mean for her brother to die. She was just so furious at him for gaining her trust again and then betraying it in two seconds flat. I think she was just embarrassed to tell Nolan that he was right. And on top of that her brother had fell off the cliff. That’s not an easy thing to tell your spouse about, even a fake spouse.

Louise and Nolan seem to be good partners, but now he’s flirting with the social worker, Tony. Shouldn’t he not discuss this with his wife before he starts dating? This may be a fake marriage, but one that is based on trust and honesty. This relationship is going to get very complicated.

Next week Amanda is revealing herself. Take a look at the promo:

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