Bethany Joy Lenz Cast in Shondaland Pilot

tru_halliwell |

tru_halliwell |

Bethany Joy Lenz has just landed a great job, in Shondaland.

Shonda Rhimes has made many talented actors famous.

Bethany, 33, will bring with her a lot of fans from her time as Haley James Scott on ‘One Tree Hill’, but of course, Shonda fans will also check out ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ if it gets a series order.

‘Smoke and Mirrors’ was first announced under the name ‘The Catch’. To be honest I never really liked that title. The new name sums up the show much better.

According to TVLine, Shonda’s new pilot follows a successful fraud investigator ,Alice Martin (Mirelle Enos, ‘The Killing’), who ends up being conned by her fiancé Kieran (Damon Dayoub, ‘NCIS’).

The ‘One Tree Hill’ alum has been cast to play Zoe, Kieran’s wife. Her character is described as a girl-next-door-type who passes as Kieran’s sister during their cons. “She loves her husband and loves their life — amoral though it may be — and she’s going to hang on tight as she senses him slipping away from her,” TVLine said.

Bethany has been a busy girl since leaving Tree Hill. She’s guest starred on some TV shows, worked on creating a musical of ‘The Notebook’ and has been working on a new album.

The actress and singer will be previewing her new album in L.A. on April 2. If you’re not in L.A. you can still attend the event through a live stream.

I’m very excited to hear the new album and see her back on the small screen. I always loved Haley, so it will take time getting use to her in a new role. I’m expecting ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ to get picked-up for a series, seeing as how successful the other shows from Shondaland have been.

Are you excited to see Bethany back in action?


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