‘The Vampire Diaries’: The Downward Spiral Continues

Caroline and Stefan are finally together, but not in the way fans wanted.

Caroline and Stefan are finally together, but not in the way fans wanted.

Caroline has some serious control without her humanity. I mean she’s even cleaning up her mess when she’s done. It’s a weird way for a vampire to act while their emotions are off. She doesn’t care, but she does care about getting caught. To be fair that’s only smart, so she can keep having fun.

Unfortunately, Stefan was determined to get her to let loose. He killed the director of the play and even tried to kill Caroline.

Alaric and Enzo tried to intervene, but Stefan took care of them, luckily they weren’t too banged up. Stefan finally got Caroline to give into her natural urges and they have sex.

While I’ve been waiting forever for this, I don’t like that this happened when both of their humanity switches are off. Can they make it work when their emotions are back on after this? They may resent each other for this path.

While Caroline and Stefan were reeking havoc, Elena and Damon were trying to find a way to save their friends.

Kai and Bonnie took Elena and Damon back to 1903 to get Damon’s mother back. There’s just one thing, she wasn’t the only one trapped there. Her traveling companions were trapped there too and she wanted to bring all of them back. Damon lied and said that they would go back for them, even though he has no plans of going back for them.

Not only is Mrs. Salvatore a ripper, she’s also a crazy woman. She let her friends rot while she drank all the blood. She claims she learned control so she could bring them back.

What will she do when she finds out she won’t be returning to get her friends? I’m a little worried about unleashing Ripper Lilly into the world. First get Stefan back and then take care of mama ripper.

The trip to 1903 had a second agenda, Bonnie getting revenge on Kai and because of Damon.

First of all I’m very happy that Bonnie and Damon are on good terms again. Damon is an ass, we all know that, but I really like their friendship.

I’m a little worried about the new Bonnie though. The old Bonnie would have never literally stabbed someone in the back. Of course now that Kai has actual feelings, this revenge will actually have an affect. That is if he survives, with starving vampires.

Can he die in this prison world? Of course he’s also half Luke. If he dies then Jo won’t be alive either. Of course if he can’t be killed, then vampires will just drain him of his blood over and over again.

Mrs. Salvatore sees her son for the first time in a century.

Mrs. Salvatore sees her son for the first time in a century.

Enzo was really peculiar this week. First he cared about Stefan and Caroline turning off their emotions. Of course in Stefan’s case it was because if he wants to upset him, he has to have his emotions on for that. That doesn’t explain Caroline though.

Then he sets Sarah free, though he slips and says Sarah Salvatore, or did he mean to slip? You never know with Enzo. While Enzo’s storyline hasn’t been great this season, I’m still very glad the writers kept him around.

We may not see Alaric fighting vampires much anymore, which will be a shame. It was nice seeing him teach Elena to fight and being a tough guy. Now he will have to stay safe for his little one.

Bonnie brought back something from her trip to 1994, the cure for Elena. Apparently Damon was planning on getting the cure for her. Now he may not want to give it to her.

Bringing the cure back into the story changes things. Who could take the cure? Both Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley have said they want to see Elena take the cure. Could that be the plan?

‘The Vampire Diaries’ returns April 16 with Stefan sees his long lost mother. Take a look at the promo:


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