‘Supernatural’: The Boys are Back to Business

Cole shows up to make sure Sam and Dean don't kill his best friend.

Cole shows up to make sure the boys don’t kill his best friend.

It didn’t take long for the boys to get back in the game, not that Sam thought it was a good idea.

Dean found a case for them of an army woman being completely drained, even the marrow was drained. He wanted to just jump right on it.

Sam was still trying to find away to save Dean, but Dean has accepted his fate and wants to keep hunting for as long as he can. I still believe Dean can be saved, especially after everything else they’ve been through.

They arrived and the police informed that they wasted a trip, because they already solved the crime. Special Forces Officer Rick Willis killed the woman and then set himself on fire.

They had appeared to have reached a dead end and that’s when they spoke to Rick’s wife.

Normally when Sam and Dean asked the, ‘have you noticed anything strange’ question, they don’t really get good responses. The victim’s loved one doesn’t usually understand why anything strange would be going on. This time though, the wife was a wealth of information.

Apparently Rick had been really thirsty. He was constantly drinking water from the garden hose and then he moved on to drinking from the bathtub. His skin even got so dry that it bled.

It was a lot of information, but not much that Sam and Dean could use. Mrs. Willis did tell them about Kit, Rick’s army buddy who was deployed on the same mission.

The boys went to speak to Kit, but he wasn’t home. They just spoke to his wife, Gemma, but found out Kit was also very thirsty.

Cole shows up, apparently Kit was one of his best friends and he doesn’t want Sam and Dean killing him. He told them he was going to join them to make sure they didn’t hurt his friend. He had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Sam is upset that he couldn't save Kit.

Sam is upset that he couldn’t save Kit.

Kit shows up at a connivence store and starts drinking water bottles. One of the employees approaches Kit and tells him he has to pay for the water first. Kit grabs a wine bottle and slams it against the shelf. Then stabs the boy in the neck and pushes him into a cooler. Kit notices the pool of blood on the floor and starts drinking it.

He vanishes before the police get there. Gemma calls Cole to find out if Kit had anything to do with the incident at the connivence store. Cole tells her he doesn’t know.

Gemma asks him to check out Kit’s dad’s cabin, she thinks he could have gone there. Cole doesn’t tell the Winchesters this piece of information and instead pretends he’s going to go stay with Gemma and comfort her. The boys drop him off and drive off, but wait for him to get in his car and follow him. They knew Cole wasn’t telling them the truth.

Cole finds Kit at the cabin and Kit attacks him. A worm leaves Kit’s mouth and goes into Cole. They finally know what they are dealing with, a con worm. Sam and Dean have dealt with this before.

Kit is able to escape and Sam has to go after him, while Dean works on getting the worm out of Cole. The last time shooting the guy in the head got the worm to come out and then they squished it. The other way they were able to get it out was by electrocuting the person.

Cole was completely fine with that. Dean tried it three times and the last time Cole passed out. He wakes up and says “again”, but Dean said no.

Dean’s plan B was rapid dehydration. He turned the cabin into a sweat lodge, this was going to be a long night.

This is Dean's reaction to the worm coming out of Cole.

This is Dean’s reaction to the worm coming out of Cole.

It almost seemed like this plan wasn’t going to work. Cole even got a little violent with Dean. And then finally the worm came out.

The experience gave Cole some perspective about his father’s death. He understood why Dean did what he did.

Sam wasn’t having much luck on his end. He walked into see Kit on top of his wife. Sam just got there in time. Then he had to explain to Gemma what was going on.

They tied Kit up, but he got away. Then the lights went out. Sam and Gemma tried to find Kit, but he found Gemma first. Sam attacked Kit and tried everything to not have shoot him, but he was left with no choice.

Cole was sad that his friend died, but he has a better understanding of why that was the outcome. He doesn’t want to see Sam and Dean anytime soon though. He has newfound respect for them, but didn’t want anything to do with their world.

Next week Sam and Dean come across a murderous nun. Take a look at the promo:

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