‘The Originals’ Are Preparing for Dahlia

Freya tells Elijah and Klaus her story.

Freya tells Elijah and Klaus her story.

Can Freya be trusted? Elijah and Rebekah seem to think so, but Klaus doesn’t trust anyone.

Freya has lived a very hard life. Dahlia pulled her away from her family when she was so young and then did a spell to draw magic from her.

I was wondering how Freya could possibly be alive after so long, it was yet another spell. Her and Dahlia are pretty close to immortal. They can’t be killed, but they have to sleep for a century, only to be awake for one year. Sounds like her life was pretty much like her siblings.

Dahlia is an extremely powerful witch. She was a very powerful witch a thousand years ago when she could wipe out a village with a wave of a hand. I’m nervous about meeting her for the first time.

Elijah and Rebekah believed every word, but Klaus did not. Klaus wanted to know what was in it for her. I think that was pretty clear, she wants to kill Dahlia.

There was more to the story. She had told them she vowed not to love or have children, but she broke that vow. She fell in love in the 1400s and got pregnant. She tried to kill herself so her and her baby wouldn’t be slaves to Dahlia. That is when Freya learned she couldn’t be killed. She awoke after drinking the potion. She was alive, but her baby was not. Dahlia also killed her love.

Dahlia does a spell to draw Freya's power.

Dahlia does a spell to draw Freya’s power.

Klaus still doesn’t believe that she’s being sincere. He sees anger and fear in her eyes and believes she’ll do anything to survive.

For most of the episode I was getting really frustrated with Klaus. I feel like they should trust Freya, I want to trust Freya. Klaus doesn’t trust her at all. It was just Klaus being Klaus. Then Marcel said Klaus was the smartest person he knew. That made me rethink the whole episode.

Klaus is so calculating and he rarely lets anyone in. Hardly anyone has been able to out smart him. He spent a thousand years running from his father and kept evading him. He really is smart. And he’s also right about Elijah and Rebekah, when it comes to family, they are easily trusting. That’s why they’ve been able to forgive Klaus again and again. Klaus is very protective over them and his daughter. He would do anything to protect every single one of them.

At the moment Rebekah is the one in trouble. Eva is taking back control of her body and killing children. This is causing a lot of problems and Elijah is running out of time. He told the witches that Rebekah didn’t do the crimes, which isn’t exactly a lie, but he has one day to figure out who is doing them. Or in the real case, make sure Rebekah can take control of the body.

Rebekah might have been back in control if Klaus would have just let Freya help them. Instead they don’t know when Eva will return and Davina is one of  those children that Eva took. I’m assuming she’s still alive and just asleep. I can only hope at least.

Dahlia is coming.

Dahlia is coming.

While Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus were learning about Dahlia, Marcel was trying to find out about Eva.

He tried to talk to Vince, but he wasn’t willing to talk to him, so Marcel brought in Cami. She seems to be very good at getting information out of people.

She wasn’t looking forward to talking to Vince, seeing as while Finn was in Vince’s body, he tried to kill her.

Cami is very, very good. She made a deal to tell him about what Finn did, to get information. Vince doesn’t really know how to handle all of this information. Apparently he walked away from witch craft before his body was stolen. He believes that was why he was so vulnerable. He was willing to to tell Marcel what he knew. And it turns out Vince and Eva were married.

Hayley was off with her pack. They were sparing to test out their knew abilities. Jackson is really stressed out. He’s worried about Klaus and Aiden didn’t help. Aiden tells him he has to stay stronger than everyone else to stay the Alpha.

Hayley told Jackson that she can handle Klaus, but that’s not actually true. It doesn’t actually have anything to do with her. I think he’s so scared about Dahlia coming for his daughter and of course his trusting issues, he’s closing ranks to protect his daughter at all costs.

We’ll have to wait a little to see when Dahlia will come. ‘The Originals’ will return April 6. When the show returns Eva will have taken complete control of her body. Take a look at the promo:

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