‘The Following’ All of them are Exposed

Max can't cover anything else up.

Max can’t cover anything else up.

Ryan’s fear of losing more loved ones is still very much in him. The episode started with a terrible nightmare. He dreamed that Gwen was in a box, like Jeff was, except she was in Ryan’s living room and still alive in the box.

He woke up and panicked. He went to see if the box was there, but found Gwen instead.

The case continues, even while he’s scared for Gwen.

He’s hoping that Mark and his followers slipped up, since Neil was the back-up plan. Unfortunately before he gets back on the case, he has to attend the press conference. He tells Gina that he doesn’t have time for the press conference. Gina tells him he had to be there or people will think there is truth to Jeff’s video. Ryan tells her to tell them there isn’t. Gina asked if she’ll be lying.

Ryan tells her he’ll tell her anything she wants to know, but doesn’t know if that would be a great idea. Gina has her answer, does she really want to dive deeper into this. It seems not, for the moment.

Gina speaks at the press conference and reveals sketches of Kyle and Daisy.

Daisy is watching from home and freaks out.  She doesn’t want to be on the run because then she can’t have babies, she’s not pregnant yet though. I guess she really should have thought about that before she got involved.

A reporter askes Ryan if he killed Lily, of course he didn’t, so he was easily able to truthfully answer that question. He did such a good job of answering the questions pretty truthfully, but not actually revealing the truth. Then he averted the questions to tell the press that Mark is back.

Tom happens to see the hug.

Tom happens to see the hug.

Mark is not happy. He’s angry that Ryan is still lying. Daisy says that he’s losing it, but Kyle says he’s already lost it. He hasn’t been stable since this season started.

Daisy says they have to call Juliana and Kyle doesn’t think she will like that. Who is Juliana?

We don’t get to really find out who she is even when she comes on screen. Juliana tells them to keep Mark happy. We don’t get any details on what the plan or end game is, but we do find out that it doesn’t involve killing Ryan. It does have something to do with Max though. Juliana gives Kyle and Daisy a folder of Max’s schedule and security code. This can’t be good.

Meanwhile Mark’s anger gets refocused at the media. He kills a reporter and takes two hostage. He’s mad at the press for spreading Ryan’s lies. Daisy wants to kill them and get rid of the bodies before anyone misses them. The female reporter jumps in and says to do an interview to share their side of the story. Mark thinks this is a fabulous idea.

But the male reporter is really out of it.

“I broke Warren,” Mark says, right before he killed him.

So now the female reporter has to take over. She starts with asking questions, but then she decides to reveal something dangerous. Earlier she asked Kyle and Daisy why they followed Mark and they laughed at the thought of being Mark’s followers. She mentions this to Mark. Kyle says she’s lying and Daisy says she was just trying to mess with his head.

Ryan had a hard time catching Neil.

Ryan had a hard time catching Neil.

While they were arguing, she tries to make a run for it. She couldn’t get out the door, so she runs up the stairs. If you’ve ever watched horror movies before, you know this won’t end well. The reporter came close to getting someone’s attention out the window, but before she could be noticed, Kyle grabs her and Daisy kills her.

Mark was upset about not getting to finish his interview. Then he notices the folder of Max. They have quick reactions though. It was a surprise for him, to kill Max when the time was right. He was back to trusting them and wanted to finish the interview with the two dead bodies.

Ryan had to go to someone who helped in Joe’s case for help. Hayley didn’t want to help, because the last time she almost got killed, plus she wasn’t in that world anymore.

She was able to help though. She was able to lead them to someone who could lead them to Neil.

Getting the guy to talk wouldn’t be easy though. They had to play good cop, bad cop. Max wasn’t too happy about it. She’s afraid they’ll go too far again and she refuses to do that.

While they were hunting for Neil, we got to know him a little better. He really cares for his father, even though it appears he was abused as a boy. He thinks his father did it out of love and that’s how you are supposed to raise kids. He’s clearly messed up, but still loves his father.

When the nurse didn’t see his father walk out the door, he retaliates. He was going to kill her, but Ryan, Mike and Max got there just in time. Neil was able to slip away though.

He ran home and grabs his father and knocks out the new nurse before taking the guy’s car and fleeing before the police got there.

From looking around Ryan discovered that Neil’s father had dementia, which meant he could be wearing a GPS so the family could find him, and he was.

This led them right to Neil. Neil figured out how they found him and took off the locater. He needed a new car to get away, so he kills a man to get it. His father catches him killing the person and was outraged. He screams for help. Ryan runs out, but Neil was still able to get away.

Ryan, Max and Mike catch up with him and Ryan attempts to play chicken with Neil, Ryan had to swerve at the last minute. They chased him down until he crashed. He got out of the car with a gun. Ryan tries to talk him down, but when Neil went to shoot Ryan, they all had to shoot.

They take out the man that killed Jeff, but they are still no closer to Mark.

They were able to give Jeff a nice ceremony, one that Mike couldn’t bring himself to attend. Max was furious with him. She thought he didn’t go because he was hunting Mark, but that wasn’t the reason. He couldn’t face Anna or anyone else, because it was his fault Jeff died.

Max gives him a hug to console him and her boyfriend, Tom, manages to walk up during the hug. He’s not too happy about it. He disappears before the hug ends.

He goes to her apartment to let her tell him what happened, but she lies to him when asked. Tom saved her though. Kyle and Daisy were in her home.

It doesn’t sound like they were there to kill her and killing her would ruin the plan. They put cameras up in her apartment to monitor her. That’s not good either. I don’t like that the enemy is watching her.

I don’t think Ryan could handle if he lost his niece and he’s also worried about losing his girlfriend, so he asks Gwen to move in with him. He wants to keep her safe. He knows he should let her go, but he can’t lose her.

Gwen agrees to move in only if they have no secrets. Will she be able to handle all of Ryan’s secrets?

Get ready for the two hour event next week. The attack is coming. Take a look at the promo:

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