‘Revenge’: Emily’s Friends are Collateral Damage

Jack is framed, just for being friends with Emily.

Jack is framed, just for being friends with Emily.

Margaux can’t get at Emily, so she’s going after her friends instead and she’s succeeded with Jack.

I use to like Margaux. I use to really like Margaux, but this vendetta has made her a cold hearted woman. First she sent a dangerous man after an innocent woman and now she ruins Jack’s name and has his kid taken away. Daniel would not like the woman that Margaux has become. In spite of Daniel’s family, he was able to become a good man. I’m sure that he would hope that the mother of his child would be a good role model for his kid.

Ben wanted to go see his ex-wife by himself and handle it by himself. Emily was going to let him, till Nolan reminded her that they’ve never benefited from people handling things themselves.

So Emily went with Ben. Between Ben and Emily they were able to take care of Wes Perkins pretty easily and now he’ll be in jail for the rest of his life. April can now get her life back. Wes may not have actually attacked April, but he came to the diner with that very intention.

I don’t know if Margaux counted on Emily taking care of Ben’s ex-wife, but it turned out to be an opportune time to strike at her friends.

Emily is stunned that Jack is being taken away in a police car.

Emily is stunned that Jack is taken away in a police car.

I knew that Lyman was up to no good when he was trying to gain back Louise’s trust. Louise is too trusting. Nolan was right to not want Lyman to stay with them. It’s a good thing that Louise went home early, or not a good thing, depending on your perspective. She caught her brother stealing information from her husband’s computer. She was furious with Lyman and also devastated. Louise took the flash drive, but when they walked outside, I knew it wasn’t going to end well.

Lyman slipped. It was a complete accident. They were fighting over the flash drive. She didn’t intentionally push him, but why did she put him in the guest bed room? It will be obvious that he fell off a cliff. If she could have just told Nolan what happened, he could call Emily and she would have handle it. Louise might have been able to keep the files from Margaux, but having a dead body in your house, doesn’t look very good.

Margaux thinks Nolan is being taken care of, unfortunately for her, Lyman screwed up. Jack on the other hand was taken care of. How will Emily get Jack out of this. The whole reason she said no to Jack was to protect him and he’s been taken out anyways. I think she was more afraid of Jack ending up like Aiden. I don’t think she thought about Carl being taken away from him.

Emily is having to pay a lot of consequences for clearing her father’s name. But her friends are taking the hit more than her.

While Margaux was taking care of Emily’s friends, Victoria was trying to protect David, even if he wouldn’t believe her.

Louise was having a little deja vu when Lyman fell off the cliff.

Louise had a little deja vu when her brother fell off the cliff. 

I didn’t trust Natalie from the moment she came to the Hamptons, but I just thought she wanted to make Victoria’s life hell, not humiliate David.

I was wondering why Natalie was getting closer and closer to David. Then she said some pretty weird comments to a reporter. there was no reason to even talk about the relationship. They just stared to dating, there was nothing to say yet.

Then Natalie was setting him up to look like he attacked her. But David had already figured out that she was another one of Conrad’s mistresses because of the watch he found in her bag. Victoria was right, it was all a scam from the beginning, but we all knew that.

Natalie wanted to finish what Conrad started, with tearing down David Clarke. She could at least have more ambition.

Victoria use to be the villain of the show and now she’s just trying to restore Daniel’s reputation. It’s a very different light to see Victoria in, but it’s a nice one.

Next week, how far will Emily go to avenge her friends? Take a look at the promo:

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